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February on Shortland Street

Reid Walker plays Harry Warner - Shortland Street on TV2

Bree is back! - Shortland Street on TV2

Toby and Kane go head to head - Shortland Street on TV2

Josh McKenzie plays Nate Clark - Shortland Street on TV2

There’s a huge month of drama lined up on Shortland Street this February with the impending marriage of two favourite Shortland Street characters as well as new romance, tragedy and much more hitting your screens. Don’t miss it!

This February, you’re cordially invited to attend the wedding of the decade as long time lovers (and Shortland Street icons) Chris Warner and Rachel McKenna prepare to finally tie the knot.

But with Chris expecting a baby with another woman, things are getting tense in the Warner household in the lead up to the big day, especially when Chris’ son Harry is furious to find out that Chris is having a baby with someone other than his soon to be step-mum Rachel.

Expect plenty of hiccups, missteps and drama as Chris and Rachel encounter a rocky path to the altar.

Will the couple manage to make it safely up the aisle and finally cement Shortland Street’s most enduring love affair by becoming husband and wife? Keep watching to find out!


The mystery has finally been revealed with the news that Brooke Freeman’s sister Bree Hamilton is responsible for Travis’ death.

Learning her sister has potentially committed murder, Brooke faces a tough decision. Protect her psychologically damaged sister or dob Bree in to the police so an innocent Vasa can go free?

Brooke’s dilemma culminates in an intense showdown and the revelations of her sister’s latest crimes may have damaging consequences for the future of Brooke’s marriage.


Fresh from her heartbreak at her former boyfriend Josh’s deception, Bella Durville finds romance where she least expects it when she makes an unexpected connection with her friend and colleague Dallas Adams.

This month Bella accidentally stumbles upon a mysterious secret from Dallas’s past and they find their shared tragedies bring them closer together as a tender romance sparks from their intense bond.

But Bella’s tragic romantic history has her hesitant to enter into another relationship. Worried she is sure to doom yet another relationship, she pushes Dallas away.

Will Bella let her tragic past get in the way of a happier future?                


With his mother back in town this February, Nate Clark is on the defensive and he’s concerned that his prickly relationship with his boss Grace Kwan will get back to her.

Knowing Donna will take Grace’s word over his, Nate worries that Grace’s negative attitude towards him will sabotage his future at the family business.

When his attempts to convince Rachel McKenna to oust Grace from the CEO job appear to have failed, he takes an even more radical step to make sure she won’t get in the way of his future.

Has Nate’s ambition finally taken him too far?


A cute new girl at school causes problems for new mates Toby Reynolds and Kane Jenkins.

Both Toby and Kane find themselves head over heels for new girl Honour and soon the boys are competing for her attention.

With Kane’s good looks and rugby prowess, the more academic Toby feels like he doesn’t stand a chance.

He decides to throw a party in order to impress Honour and bump up his social standing with his school mates.

But Toby’s party plans spiral out of control and there are dangerous consequences for Toby and his friends.


Ula Levi has a crisis of confidence at work this month on Shortland Street.

As she continues her ambulance training and her orderly shifts at the hospital, Ula begins to find the stress of working two jobs is getting to her.

When her favourite patient dies, Ula’s forced to question whether her heart is in still her job and considers ditching her ambulance career.

Ula’s mother Vasa and mentor Dallas are concerned about her sudden attitude change, especially after how much she’s grown up since she started her training.

Will her friends and family be able to persuade Ula to stick with her medical career?

Plus expect plenty of drama and surprises also coming your way this February on Shortland Street!


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