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February on Shortland Street

Ido Drent as Daniel Potts in Shortland Street on TV2

Wendy and Murray Cooper (played by Jacqueline Nairn and Matt Chamberlain) - Shortland Street on TV2

Sarah Potts (Amanda Billing) with Zac Smith (Mike Edward) - Shortland Street on TV2

Lee Donoghue plays Hunter McKay - Shortland Street on TV2

Brooke (Beth Allen) with sister Bree (Rachael Blampied) - Shortland Street on TV2

There are changes galore in Shortland Street this February, with new arrivals, new romances and shake-ups throughout the hospital.

Here's our exclusive preview of the hottest stories this month.

Things have been pretty quiet in the romance department for Sarah Potts of late.

But this month, the arrival of an attractive new man in her life will force her to reconsider her priorities.

Her son Daniel's new live-in caregiver Zac Smith is responsible, caring and very easy on the eye! When he moves into their family home, sparks begin to fly between Sarah and the new arrival.

Ever the caring mum, Sarah doesn't want this new attraction getting in the way of her son's recovery.

But will a lonely Sarah give into temptation...?

Team rivalry is about to backfire for the Cooper family.

When Wendy and Murray find themselves on opposing teams for a Heart Foundation skipping fundraiser, the competition turns dirty as husband and wife try their best to out do each other.

One of the Cooper clan eventually resorts to cheating to win the competition, but their dishonesty gets back to the hospital administration and Wendy and Murray discover their professional reputation is also on the line.

Ferndale's newest doctor, Bree Hamilton faces a crisis of confidence at work this month on Shortland Street.

She's settled in well at the hospital so far, much to sister Brooke's dismay.

But her challenging new surgical workload has Bree worried and she eventually turns to an unlikely person for advice.

Soon Bree is sporting a new attitude and a surprising new look that will leave her new beau Vinnie gobsmacked.


Daniel is determined to get back to normality as soon as possible, despite still recuperating from his brain injury.

When he learns that the DHB liked his tender for the new software, Daniel throws himself back in to his work, much to Sarah and Zac's disapproval.

But getting back to work has serious consequences for his health and when Lana arrives back in Ferndale, it looks like renewed romance might be the final straw for Daniel's health.

Will he push himself too far and put his recovery in jeopardy?

Meanwhile Ula Levi is still denial about her pregnancy and trying to prevent anyone finding out her secret.

Her friend and sole confidant Evan pushes her to accept the reality of her situation.

But a stubborn Ula is afraid to face the truth and her attempts to deflect suspicion start to put her unborn baby at risk.

Hunter's recovery from drug addiction hits a snag after he runs into a person from his past this month.

It finally looks like Hunter has turned a corner in his recovery as he enters rehab and makes a real effort at getting off drugs.

But his progress is threatened when he encounters a familiar face in rehab who brings back some very unpleasant memories...

Also this month:

An attractive new female patient tests the limits of Shorty's power couple Chris and Rachel's fragile reconciliation.

A new on-site drug and alcohol rehab facility has some Shortland Street staff up in arms.

Love is in the air as the I.V. holds a very special Valentine's Day party.


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