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February on Shortland Street

Yvonne Jeffries

Shavaughn Ruakere as Roimata Ngatai

Power couple Isaac Worthington and Brooke Freeman

Our new season is underway - and there's another action-packed year of Shortland Street ahead.

Exclusive to the official Shortland Street website - we preview February's BIG stories.

2010 was a year of difficult change for efficient hospital receptionist Yvonne Jeffries.

With the tragic death of her partner Ben Goodall and the departure of daughters Libby and Tania, Yvonne focussed on Ferndale-based daughter Maia and grandson Jay-Jay to keep her busy.

In 2011, things are looking up for Yvonne as she welcomes an old acquaintance back into her life. 

Shobhna Kumari Scottys ex-mother in law, is in town and especially keen to catch up.

With an infectious love of life, Yvonne finds her spirits buoyed by her fun friend.

But fun isnt Shobhnas only agenda shes arrived with a surprising new venture that she wants Yvonne on board with and shes not taking no for an answer!

After a lifetime of putting her familys needs before her own, is Yvonne finally ready to bust out and do something on her own terms?

And where does this leave Maia and Jay-Jay?

Big things lie in store for the Jeffries - stay tuned 7pm weeknights to find out more!

Try as they might, newbie nurse Roimata Ngatai and ED 'old hand' Dr TK Samuels can't deny the sparks flying between them.

As the 'will they, won't they' tension builds in February, one innocent outing will lead to them confronting their real feelings.

Meanwhile Sophie McKay is struggling to conceal her jealousy of nurse Jill Kingsbury since she learned the incorrigible flirt had a holiday fling with her boyfriend Daniel Potts!

Barely tolerating her extroverted ways at work every day, Sophie becomes certain that Jill wants to win Daniel back.

Warning Jill off backfires and Sophie is dismayed when Jill winds her up by flirting even harder!

At her wits' end, Sophie enlists the help of brother Hunter to help get rid of Jill.

But this time Sophie's scheme has an unexpected outcome - one that will take everyone by surprise.

He may be physically on the mend, but Scotty's mental health has taken a battering since his hospitalisation early in the year.

Wracked with guilt for trying to strangle fiancée Tracey at Christmas, Scotty hasn't been able to recommit to their future together.

So when Tracey suggests an extended holiday away to give him space, she is gutted when Scotty agrees.

But good friend Chris Warner steps in to warn Scotty that he has to come to terms with what he did to Tracey, or he will lose her forever.

It's crunch time for their relationship - will Scotty throw it all away?

Isaac Worthington turns up the charm in February, to keep busy-body Bella Cooper's suspicions at bay!

Ever since his devious plan to discredit anaesthetist Luke Durville went awry, Isaac has had to work at throwing Bella off the scent.

She's come close to discovering (with Luke) that Isaac tampered with hospital files and performed illegal surgeries!

This month, to stop Bella going public with a damaging accusation, Isaac resorts to drastic measures - setting off a chain of events with repercussions for everyone's relationships!

And in February - we welcome back a familiar face. Maxwell's feisty ex Vasa Levi is on duty in the corridors of Shortland Street hospital again.

Vasa returns with one objective - to reconcile with Max, but is she too late?

It's not long before she picks up on Max's attraction to one of her colleagues.

Not someone who likes to come second, Vasa unleashes her fury!

She's set to make one person's life very miserable indeed.


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