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February 27 - March 2 2012

Sarah Potts

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Monday 27th February (4931)

Chris calls Bree to assist on a rhinoplasty. Bree is nervous but agrees, realising that she has to address her lack of self confidence.

With Bree busy in surgery, Vinnie explains his idea for a new product proposal for the nursing department to Brooke.

She sees an opportunity to attach herself to his idea and helps Vinnie to knock his ideas into shape for Rachels approval.

Meanwhile, Brees surgery goes well until Chris asks Bree to break the patients nose in order to reset it.

Bree is afraid of botching the procedure but she does well and feels shes has made a break through.

However, Bree is dismayed when Vinnie puts her off because he is focusing on his work with Brooke.

Sarah finds her mutual attraction to Zac hard to ignore. Zac knows shes torn and, with Daniel set to go to rehab soon, knows hes out of a job and therefore out of Sarahs orbit.

Waiting for Daniel to get out of surgery they relax a little around each other but the attraction still simmers and they come close to giving in to their desire.

But Sarah is conflicted and she pushes Zac away. Zac decides its best if he leaves that night and Sarah doesnt stop him, hoping shes doing the right thing.

Maxwell and Vasa reel off Evans announcement he is the father of Ulas baby. Ula decides it may be easier to keep her baby if she backs Evans claim, but in private she questions his motives.

Evan insists he only wants to help her and Ula comes round to the idea, thanking Evan for his support.

However, the dates of the babys conception dont add up for Murray and he questions whether Evan is telling the truth. Evan is uncomfortable and Wendy silences Murray.

Later, Murray learns from a disbelieving Jasmine that Ula was sexually active with Tom. Murray confronts Ula with his suspicions. Ula is upset and wavers - will she say who the father really is?

Tuesday 28th February (4932)

Ula is considering telling Murray the truth when Maxwell interrupts.

Although he still wants a termination for Ula, Maxwell refuses to listen to Murrays suspicion that Evan isnt the father of Ulas baby and insists that Murray leave.

Ula is off the hook but is left feeling terrible that her lies have caused tension between Maxwell and Murray.

Wendy is embarrassed by Murrays actions and Murray realises that it was unfair of him to accuse Ula. Ula fears that she and Evan have gone too far but Evan insists that they stick to their story.

However, hes unsettled when he runs into Megan and arranges to meet with her later. But before he can, Jasmine accidentally reveals Ulas pregnancy to Megan and an upset Megan derides Evan
for his betrayal.

Ula feels for Evan, thanking him for giving up so much to support her. Evan assures Ula that she can lean on him.

However, theyre both pleased when Maxwell finally is talked around to support them and their baby.

Bella admits that she finds Lukes taxidermy hobby creepy but shes determined to support him regardless. She makes a connection with a dying patient, Mrs Higgins, and promises to pass on a package to her friend, Miss Tutu.

But Bella is stunned when Miss Tutu turns out to be Mrs Higginss pet mouse - that she has bequeathed to Bella.|

Harry is suspicious when Hayley waits to see Chris after Phoenixs tutoring session. Harrys unaware that Hayley wants Chris to know that Phoenix is struggling with some news about Ula.

Chris thanks Hayley and they share a close moment which gives credence to Harrys suspicion that Chris could be unfaithful with Hayley and ruin his relationship with Rachel.

Running late, Rachel reluctantly accepts Hayley's offer to make sandwiches for the boys, pointing out Phoenixs nut allergy.

Harry plans to frame Michelle, but his plan backfires when an oblivious Phoenix eats the peanut butter sandwich meant for Harry.

Harry and Chris rush to track him down. Phoenix uses his EpiPen but, when he accidentally injects himself in the thumb rendering the injection useless.

Chris and Jasmine lead Phoenix out to the car as he goes into anaphylactic shock. Harry panics at the terrible consequence of his actions.

Wednesday 29th February (4933)

Chris rushes Phoenix to the ED where Maxwell treats him. Chris is concerned to learn that Phoenix's thumb may be permanently damaged. 

Harry admits to Rachel that he is responsible for giving Phoenix peanut butter and that it was an attempt to get rid of Michelle.

Phoenix's thumb is given the all clear, and both Chris and Rachel can see Harry is sorry for his actions. Rachel is concerned and queries Harry's hatred of Michelle.

Harry admits he fears that Michelle will steal Chris away from Rachel. Feeling for Harry, Rachel raises this with Chris, who decides to lessen Harrys punishment and focus on improving his relationship with his son.

Struggling with drug cravings, Hunter notices Rose is interested in studying medicine and offers to help her. Rose turns him down, worried it may remind him of everything he has lost.

However, she finds he has a natural desire to help others and realises this could be the key to his rehabilitation.

She invites him to help her prepare for med school, and justifies this approach to Callum.

Bella brings her mouse home where Luke worries that his cat, Kronos, might devour it.

Bella assures him Miss Tutu's cage will prevent this, but Luke is shocked to find Miss Tutu dead - at the hand of Kronos.

He plans to tell Bella of the tragedy but Vinnie convinces him to replace the mouse instead. Bree catches Luke with Miss Tutu mark II in the hospital and fears he is going to kill it for taxidermic purposes.

Bella defends Lukes taxidermy hobby to Bree, leaving Luke convinced that she is a fan of his work.

Later, Bella falls for the replacement mouse and Luke thinks hes out of the woods. However Kronos frees Miss Tutu mark II from the cage, killing her all over again.

Confident he is doing the right thing, Luke stuffs the rodent and presents her to Bella who is utterly horrified.

Thursday 1st March (4934)

Although Bella is disturbed by the stuffed mouse, she can see how proud Luke is of his work.  She praises the gift, delighting Luke.

He brings the mouse into work so Bella can keep it on her desk. Lana picks up on Bella squeamishness, and urges her to be honest with Luke.

Bella attempts to do so, but chickens out. She's too creeped out to do her work so Bella bins the mouse.

When Rachel roasts Bella about the mouse she cracks, loudly admitting shes repulsed by taxidermy.  Luke overhears.

Bella and Luke sort through their hurt feelings and white lies, coming to a happy realisation that they dont need to love the same things as long as they love each other.

The dynamic between Callum and Hunter is becoming tense. Hunters feeling smothered and Callum becomes increasingly desperate for a sign of progress.

Nicole and Wendy note the strain, and Wendy reminds Callum he and Hunter have a standing invite to dinner.

Rose asks Callum to review group therapy footage of all the counsellors, but flags the sessions involving Hunter - viewing them would be an abuse of his power as HOD.

But Callum cant resist, and is troubled when he sees footage of Hunter regretting his role in turning Callum into a lonely old man.

Rose walks in and although Callum quickly ejects the DVD, shes left suspicious. She hints her concerns to Rachel.

Rachel takes her concerns to Callum, who is at pains to convince Rachel, and himself, that hes still in control.

Nicole has arranged with Hunter to give Callum the evening off - but this opportunity forces Callum to realise he has no life outside of caring for Hunter.

Then he remembers Wendys invitation and heads to the Coopers. Jasmine blurts about Evan and Ulas pregnancy, but Callum enjoys the distraction of the Coopers' chaotic but loving home life.

He finds the Coopers sense of family deeply moving - it reminds him of his own family. Finally alone in his car, Callum catches his reflection in the rearview mirror.

Looking back at him is indeed a lonely, old man whos best days are behind him and he breaks down.


Friday 2nd March (4935)

Wendy is concerned to find Callum upset and bolsters that he must stay the course.

Trying to put things right, Callum asks Hunter to be more open and honest with him. He admits to Rachel that he has had a speed wobble running the unit but insists he is fit to continue.

Hunter asks Rose whether its a good idea to confide his deepest issues to Callum and her reply is cautious.

She feels more comfortable planning her visit to the med school with Hunter, and as they prepare to go, its clear that Hunter is enjoying her company more and more.

Sarah's home life is very quiet without Daniel and Zac but she bravefaces her loneliness. Trying to keep busy, she takes an extra shift at work and shes delighted to run into Zac at the hospital.

Sarah wishes she could admit how much she misses Zac's company, but he's full of news about a job opportunity down the line.

Sarah doesn't want to disadvantage Zac by asking him to stay in Ferndale for her sake and it takes Gabrielle's prompting for Sarah to realise she needs to go after what she wants.

Zac is delighted when Sarah admits she wants to pursue a relationship and they indulge in a passionate kiss.

Glad to have TK home, Roimata's pleased to have romantic time alone with her husband.

The next day, TK reveals Roimata's father Henare's suggestion they work together on a new Maori health initiative.

Roimata has reservations about working with Henare and TK's surprised by her lack of enthusiasm. Refocusing on ED work, TK treats Jimi Kopiri, a Maori child visiting erndale with his Kapa Haka group.

TK takes the opportunity to swab Jimi for strep throat - something completely unrelated to his injury.

Roimata's concerned TKs pursuing his new initiative in ED and she warns him against overstepping his bounds. But when Jimi's swab comes back positive, TK insists the rest of his Kapa Haka group come in.

Learning from Roimata that TK is testing for strep, Maxwell insists TK send the children to their GPs instead, as none of them are emergency cases.

But TKs determined to finish the tests and he calls on Roimata for support. Hes shocked and betrayed when Roimata sides against him.

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