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Shortland Street

Weeknights at 7pm | TV2

February 22 - 26 2010

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Monday 22nd February (ep 4426)

Callum feels terrible that Sophie's wedding has been ruined.  He accompanies her to the police station to defend Kieran. 

Sophie clings to the belief that he is a good person and that he must be covering for Sid. 

In his own interview, Callum supports Kieran and confirms Kieran's tendency to protect Sid.  

Rachel is reminded by Mona that she has been given her life back.  she draws closer to Callum.

Later, a distressed Sophie arrives home.  Callum and Hunter learn that Sophie has fled from an abusive Sid.  They call the police and charge Sid with assault.

Gerald struggles to come to terms with Kieran and Sid's twin admissions of guilt, unable to believe that either of them could have killed Morgan. 

Nicole is withdrawn, unable to process the new information.  A worried Maia tracks her down at the I.V., but Nicole refuses to talk about Morgan. 

Concerned, Maia asks her to stay the night and Nicole agrees. 

Maia worries that Nicole will be able to talk about Morgan given some time.

Kieran is shocked when Sid claims he is responsible for Morgan's death, and Libby realises that she may have wrongly accused Kieran. 

At the police station, Kieran makes a full confession. Meanwhile, Sid tells the detective his own version of events, hoping to be believed over Kieran. 

Over at the hospital, Libby discusses Sid and Kieran with Maxwell, Brooke, Chris and Gabrielle. 

Back at the station, Kieran is outraged to learn that Murphy doesn't believe him.  Released without charge, Kieran reunites with Sophie. 

Kieran tries to tell her the truth but Sid intervenes. When Sophie tries to hear Kieran out Sid slaps her. 

Kieran is outraged but Sid justifies that confessing to Sophie would ruin everything.  He assures Kieran he has a plan. 

When a furious Callum and Hunter arrive with the police, Kieran feels wretched as he allows Sid to be arrested. 


Tuesday 23rd February (ep 4427)

Maxwell invites Sarah on a picnic.  Sarah's M.S. returns, and she loses sight in one eye.  TK fusses when he finds out, leaving Sarah glad she no longer has to endure his suffocating care. 

Sarah realises she urgently needs to travel to Piha to see a patient, but can't drive with her bad eye.  She enlists Maxwell's help. 

When they arrive at the patient's house, he is not at home.  They adjourn to the beach, and Sarah warms to Maxwell's unfailing enthusiasm.

Later, Sarah and Maxwell find her patient dead.  Back at the hospital, they de-brief and Sarah's encouraged by how unworried Maxwell is by her M.S.

Rachel admits to Libby that she's applying for jobs, but keeps the details close to her chest.  Chris tries but fails to reconnect with Rachel.

Sophie and Callum embrace Kieran's innocence, but Hunter is indignant at his family's blindness to Kieran's true nature.  

At the police station, Sid realises what deep trouble he is in.  Knowing Sid is spending the night in jail haunts Kieran.

The next day, Gerald challenges Kieran to tell him he didn't kill Morgan.  Kieran does so, but Gerald isn't completely convinced. 

Hunter lets rip to Sophie with his case against Kieran. With her faith in Kieran shaken, Sophie takes Hunter's allegations to Kieran.  He covers. 

Sid arrives, having pleaded guilty and been bailed for sentencing. 

Kieran feigns anger at Sid, demanding that he move out of the I.V.  Sophie is pleased by Kieran's tough attitude to Sid. 

Gerald and Libby decide to confront Kieran to be sure that Kieran is telling the truth.  They are upstaged when Sid attempts to leave with his bags. 

Gerald is appalled that Sid has been bailed, and vents his disgust.  

Kieran bids Sid goodbye. 

Sophie finds evidence of Sid's plane ticket to Heathrow, travelling as Sean Mitchell. She's shocked to realise that Kieran has aided and abetted Sid's escape.


Wednesday 24th February (ep 4428)

Kieran is relieved to learn that Sid has landed safely and escaped the long arm of the law, thanks to Kieran's contacts in Asia. 

Kieran worries that he's lost everything when Sophie becomes suspicious of Sid's disappearance. She deduces that Kieran may have arranged to have him hidden in Thailand. 

Kieran promises that he had nothing to do with Sid's escape from the law.

Tracey is concerned by Scotty's discomfort over her relationship with Hunter. 

Scotty is determined to avoid cramping Tracey's style, but fails to convince her when he asserts that Hunter is welcome to stay over whenever he wants. 

Scotty's social plans spin out of control when his barbeque with Tracey and Hunter becomes a full-blown party. 

Scotty admits to his guests that Shanti used to deal with their social appointments. 

Maxwell is pleased when Sarah agrees to a non-date, and hopes to draw a little closer to her at Scotty's party. 

Chris orders Scotty to socialise when he attempts to swamp himself with work in the kitchen. 

Scotty comes out of his shell, performing card tricks and impressing his guests. 

Maxwell baits Sarah by flirting with Nicole.

Nicole can't escape the ghost of Morgan when Sid's escape is brought up yet again.  Needing some distraction, Nicole decides to play a prank on Daniel. 

Nicole is delighted when her trick on Daniel works, and he is busted handling meat by a furious Loren. 

Maia is unimpressed to learn that Nicole has been up to no good. 

Maia enforces her punishment, making them late for Scotty's barbeque. 

Nicole tells Maia off for trying to curb her fun, urging her to go home. 


Thursday 25th February (ep 4429)

Nicole is determined to party on despite her cruel outburst at Maia. 

However, when the other partygoers turn her down, Nicole goes to see Maia. 

Maia is furious with Nicole for treating her badly but Nicole is too drunk to send away and Maia lets her sleep on the couch. 

The next morning, Nicole gives Maia an off-hand apology and they argue. 

Later, Scotty transfers Nicole from theatre to ED.  Nicole becomes upset when she transfers a patient who has suffered a similar accident to Morgan's. 

Maia finds a distressed Nicole who admits that her bad behaviour was caused by renewed grief for Morgan after Sid's arrest.  Maia comforts Nicole.

Gabrielle is surprised to receive a job offer from Switzerland. 

Sarah advises her to tell Chris because it involves their collective future. 

Gabrielle tries to tell Chris but is interrupted by the arrival of Stewart Elton, the patient on whom Chris performed a hand transplant. 

Stewart is in great pain and wants his new hand removed.  Callum points out that this would be a media nightmare for Shortland Street.

He encourages Chris to convince Stewart to change his mind.  Chris succeeds in doing so but Gabrielle is uneasy that the patient's wishes have been overridden.

Hunter is frustrated when Mona insists that she is not long for this world. 

Callum is happy for his mother to stay and even suggests they build her a granny flat in the back garden. 

Later, she observes Callum's disappointment when Rachel reveals that she has a job interview in Wellington. 

Mona also picks up on the fact that Rachel has feelings for Callum and challenges her on them. 

But Rachel doesn't want to over complicate Callum's life now he has Mona to care for. 

Mona confronts Callum on his attraction to Rachel and Callum is forced to admit that Mona is right. 

However, when Rachel arrives home, Callum's plan to declare his feelings is put on hold.

Rachel reveals that she won't be working in Wellington - she will be returning to Shortland Street as Callum's two IC.

Friday 26th February (ep 4430)

Callum assures Mona that he will keep his relationship with Rachel strictly professional. 

Rachel wonders whether Callum has issue with her new appointment as two IC.  

Taking action, Rachel reveals that she's moving out to give the McKay's space now that she has a job. 

Mona realises that she's blocking a relationship between Rachel and Callum.  Callum is sad when he learns Mona is heading back home to start her chemotherapy.

Mona wishes him and Rachel luck - both in business, and in love.

Brooke is pleased when TK assures her he is in no rush to have her move out.  Meanwhile, Tracey catches a homeless man, Wesley, stealing sandwiches. 

Trying to impress TK, Brooke takes Wesley under her wing and offers to feed him. 

Wesley comes back for more food, and TK is surprised by Brooke's continual generosity. 

Pleased her ploy to impress is working, Brooke decides to collect food to donate to the city Mission. 

Brooke is frustrated when Loren sees through her good deed. 

Tracey also questions Brooke's motivations, noting that it's not in her character to care for others.  

Brooke feels like a fool when her plan backfires, and Triage ends up full of vagrants looking for food.

Sarah encourages Gabrielle to explain her job offer in full to Chris.  Gabrielle is relieved when Chris seems encouraging about the possibility of moving to Zurich. 

Later, Gabrielle is hurt when she discovers that Chris withholds information about hand transplant patient Stewart Elton, who has come into ED after deliberately cutting his new arm off.

Chris is forced to operate but he is unable to save Stewart's arm.  When Gabrielle points out that she had doubts about Stewart from the outset, Chris lashes out, and Gabrielle is hurt. 

Later, Gabrielle feels a pang of jealousy when Chris reaches out to Rachel, apologising for not supporting her in her time of need. 

Gabrielle enthuses about her job offer in Zurich, but is talked out of leaving by a helpful Chris. 

Later Gabrielle states she's taking up her new position in Zurich and isn't interested in a long distance relationship.