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Shortland Street

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February 20 - 24 2012

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand

The beautiful Ula Levi, played by Frankie Adams

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand

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Monday 20th February (4926)

Rachel is irked when Chris receives an update on his runaway patient, but their attention is diverted when Phoenix reports a high mark in maths, crediting his relief teacher, Miss Duffy.

Realising Phoenix's teacher and his patient are the same person, Chris is frustrated when she brushes him off. He reports back to Nicole, who suggests there may be deeper reasons for Hayley's strange behaviour.

Meeting with Hayley, Chris states he knows whats going on - he's checked her medical records and theres a history of stomach cancer. Admitting this is why she's scared, Hayley is talked into having scans done.

Rachel is unhappy to see Chris with Hayley again, but he defends its completely professional and sticks by his patient.

Ula is surprised when Vasa turns down a four month job offer in the Pacific Islands. She thinks Vasa should go, but Evan disagrees - Ula's going to need to lean on her when the baby comes.

However, Ula is still in denial and ropes Vinnie into helping persuade Vasa to take the job.

With his help, she sets up an afternoon tea and proves to Vasa she's old enough to take care of herself. Vasa is swayed, and Ula's relieved her mum will be out of the country when her pregnancy is revealed.

When Nicole suggests letting her anger with Hunter go, Roimata hotly refuses.

Rose counsels Hunter to stick with his treatment, but Roimata's words have cut deep and Callum is concerned to learn he's considering dropping out.

Slade needles Hunter about his tiff with Roimata and when Hunter lashes out physically, Callum blames Slade.

He hauls them to Rose, who insists on a mediation. Hunter doesn't see the point, but when he gives Slade a few hard words, Rose can see both men are making progress.

Callum chooses not to reprimand Roimata, instead asking her to go easy on Hunter, for him. Rattled by the mediation, Slade buys drugs and Hunter catches him, but covers to Callum.

He talks Slade into ditching the drugs and Rose is impressed. However, Callum learns about the drugs and kicks Slade off the course, in spite of Rose's warnings that helping Slade is good for Hunter.


Tuesday 21st February (4927)

Rose is appalled that Callum ejected Slade. She accuses Callum of allowing his concern for Hunter to blur his judgement but Callum refuses to admit this.

Rose is concerned when Callum's actions lead the other addicts to shun Hunter. Callum refuses to re-examine his motives but is forced to when Slade is brought in after an overdose.

Callum admits that he got rid of Slade to protect Hunter and Hunter insists that Callum needs to trust him but Callum can't.

Dismayed, Hunter turns to Rose and is bolstered when she insists she has faith in him.

Desperate to escape thoughts of her pregnancy, Ula helps Maxwell and Nicole decide to move back in together.

She then turns her attention to Jasmine who is ostracised at school after outing Curtis and Ricky's drug use.

Ula determines to find a way to help Jasmine win back Curtis and Ricky's friendship.

Phoenix is concerned to hear Hayley is in hospital. He credits her with his success in maths and wishes her relief teaching stint wasn't over as he needs to keep up his grades to improve his chances of getting into art school.

Meanwhile, Hayley is alarmed to learn that she may have cancer. She begs Chris to perform the biopsy but Rachel is unimpressed at the lengths Chris is going to for Hayley.

Chris goes ahead with the surgery and is pleased when he is able to remove the benign growth.  Hayley is grateful and turns her attention to looking for a new job.

Phoenix struggles at school without Hayley and Chris suggests hiring her as Phoenix's maths tutor. Phoenix is delighted but its the last straw for Rachel and Chris is forced to back down much to Phoenix's disappointment.

But when Rachel is reminded of Chris' past charitable actions she fears that she's misjudged him.

Phoenix decides to try and change Chris' mind but Harry has observed friction between Chris and Rachel and believes that Chris was up to his old tricks with Hayley.

Annoyed, Phoenix accuses Chris of jeopardising his future with his womanising, leaving Chris hurt that he's lost his sons trust.


Wednesday 22nd February (4928)

Rachel realises she can't base her relationship with Chris on the presumption he will be tempted by every beautiful woman he meets.

As a gesture of trust, Rachel decides to ask Hayley to tutor Phoenix in maths. Hayley agrees and Chris is reassured this is a positive step in his relationship with Rachel.

At Phoenix's first tutorial, Hayley enthusiastically expresses her gratitude to Chris for convincing her to have the tests she needed.

Chris feels a little uneasy at her familiarity and Hayley senses this and mentions she has a boyfriend working in Australia.

Off this, Chris feels more at ease and Rachel is happy to see proof that her fears were unfounded.

Lana arranges a time to see Daniel before Sarah gets home from work. Lana turns up as planned and is surprised when Zac explains Daniel is still asleep.

When Daniel wakes he's annoyed he's missed Lana and insists she arrived an hour earlier than they agreed. Lana is put out, knowing she got the time right.

Its Lana's word against Daniel's and they are both convinced they are right, but Lana is left feeling this may be an indication Daniel's recovery is faltering.

Jasmine is dismayed to be snubbed by Curtis and Ricky, who presumed she narked on them for using marijuana.

Ula is enjoying the distraction of fixing everyone elses problems and she informs the boys that it was Phoenix who told on them and that Jasmine was only trying to protect them.

Later, Ula is forced into babysitting Tillie by Vasa. In spite of the tension between them, Evan can't help commenting on how at ease she is with Tillie. He thinks she'll make a great mum.

Ula is confronted and Evan's concerned to see he's upset her. He follows her to Curtis and Ricky's band practice and is shocked to see Ula in full denial and drinking alcohol.

Concerned, Evan tries to stop her and an angry Ula flees to get away from him but falls and hurts her wrist.

Ula goes to the ED for an x-ray and is taken aback when Roimata asks a routine question, whether she could be pregnant as the radiation can cause foetal abnormalities.

Maxwell enters as just as Ula has to admit she can't have an x-ray because she is pregnant.


Thursday 23rd February (4929)

Reeling from the news of Ula's pregnancy and her refusal to name the babys father, Vasa and Maxwell try to figure out the best course of action.

Ula clings to Sarahs reassurance her parents will be supportive, but she's blindsided when Maxwell suggests a termination - an option only available if Ula is less than fifteen weeks pregnant.

Ula proceeds to have an ultrasound to confirm the age of the foetus, which brings home the reality of her situation.

Maxwell's relieved its not too late for Ula to have a termination, but Ula takes a stand and declares shes having the baby.

Determined to convince Bree to do a PR interview with Gabrielle, Brooke decides to help her with her confidence issues.

She coaches Bree that the key to confidence is to fake it, a trick Brooke uses herself. Vinnie's stunned to see Bree dressed as a Brooke-clone and hes dismayed when she trips and falls.

Bree feels like a fool and Vinnie reassures that she needs to find confidence in being herself, not pretending to be someone else.

He warns Brooke off, pointing out he likes Bree as she is, not as a clone of Brooke. Brooke is left stung.

Advised to drop the deception by Gabrielle, Lana tries to convince Daniel to tell Sarah the truth about their relationship.

Daniel insists they wait until hes completed the first stage of his software, wanting to get it done prior to tomorrows operation. But his behaviour becomes more erratic and Lana fears he may relapse.

Returning to the house after Daniel is asleep, Lana tells Sarah and Zac everything, which includes reporting on Daniel's night-time computer work.

Sarahs grateful for Lana's honesty and Zac feels vindicated for confiscating Daniel's computer.

Woken by the sound of voices, Daniel finds Lana's night-time visit suspicious and worries Zac is trying to steal his girlfriend.

Convinced Zac is against him, Daniel demands his laptop be returned, and he's appalled when he cant find his software work.  Furious and paranoid, he accuses a stunned Zac of deliberately sabotaging him.

Friday 24th February (4930)

Daniel is determined to prove Zac a liar when he insists he didn't sabotage Daniel's work. Daniel's frustrated when he can't find evidence but refuses to give up. Concerned that Daniel is getting worse not better, Sarah talks things through with Gabrielle. With Zac's support, she decides rehab is best for Daniel.

Eavesdropping, Daniel fears Zac is trying to get rid of him and he's determined not to play along. Sarah decides to go ahead with rehab but is shocked to find Daniel has disappeared prior to his operation.

Daniel flees to Lana, who convinces him that Sarah has his best interests at heart. Daniel is unsure but eventually puts his trust in Sarah and Lana and agrees to attend rehab following his operation.

Bella looks forward to catching up with Luke over a game of croquet. Teams are formed, but Luke is left high and dry when Bella suddenly has to work. Bree saves the day by calling a smug Brooke in as a substitute, annoying Vinnie who feels that Bree is putting Brooke before him.

Croquet begins and Bree is perturbed by Vinnie and Brooke's competitive banter. Feeling on the outer as a result of Brooke and Vinnie's ruthless game-play, Bree urges Vinnie to play fairly and he throws the game to placate her.

Later, Vinnie and Brooke enjoy teasing each other about the game and a concerned Bree decides she needs to be more like Brooke if she hopes to keep Vinnie's interest.

Vasa wonders if Maxwell is right when he asserts Ula's behaviour means she doesn't really want her baby. Evan feels for an upset Ula when she reports the pregnancy is out in the open.

Ula refuses to talk to her parents about a termination, but Maxwell insists that she at least seeks Sarah's counsel. Sarah is sympathetic when Ula reveals that she's having doubts about what to do and doesn't know how to decide what's best.

Ula tells Evan she is leaning towards having a termination because it's the easiest thing. Evan reminds Ula of her desire to keep the baby, worried she is being coerced into doing something she will regret.

Inspired by a passing comment from Meghan, Evan fronts up to Maxwell and Vasa and, to Ula's shock, claims that he is the father and therefore has a say in the baby's future.

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