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Shortland Street

Weeknights at 7pm | TV2

February 13 - 17 2012

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand

Amanda Billing as Sarah Potts in Shortland Street on TV2

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand

Brooke (Beth Allen) with sister Bree (Rachael Blampied) - Shortland Street on TV2

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Monday 13th February (4921)

Murray is furious that he lost the cafeteria contract due to Wendy and Vasa's prank.

Wendy and Vasa throw themselves on Rachel's mercy but Rachel has already offered the contract to the other applicants.

Wendy feels even worse when Murray outlines the financial pressures they'll face without the cafeteria. She and Vasa rack their brains for a way to help, finally alighting on a special Valentines Day event at the bar.

Murray is underwhelmed but Wendy and Vasa determine to make it a success.

Lana arrives back from holiday and is keen to see Daniel. However, she's taken aback to discover that his condition is worse than she was led to believe.

Daniel wants to prove to Lana that he's ready to move forward in their relationship.

Sarah fears that Daniel is pushing himself too hard and her fear is realised when Daniel is exhausted after a lunch date with Lana.

Sarah suggests that Lana put romance with Daniel on the back burner whilst he recovers.

Brooke is frustrated when Rachel rejects her idea to promote cosmetic surgery at the hospital.

Encouraged by Bree, Brooke vents her frustration on an on-line forum hosted by Gwen Daley, a style and fashion guru, who is considering having cosmetic surgery in Thailand.

Brooke believes her comment is anonymous and is shocked when she realises it wasn't after she receives a dressing down from Rachel.

However, Gwen surprises Brooke by wanting further information. Brooke sways Gwen to consider having her operation at Shortland Street and Rachel praises Brooke.

Chris asks Bree to assist but Brees insecurities resurface. She confides in Brooke who isnt impressed.

Brooke's furious when Brees nerves get the better of her during her consult with Gwen and Gwen decides to go elsewhere for her surgery.

Convinced that Bree just wanted to get out of the difficult operation, Brooke breaks Bree's confidence and tells Rachel, Chris and Gabrielle that Bree is not cut out to be a surgeon.

Tuesday 14th February (4922)

Gabrielle and Chris broach the subject of confidence with Bree , who is mortified to realise that her deepest insecurities are now common knowledge.

She worries to Vinnie about this and realises that Brooke must have spoken behind her back - about her faked wrist injury.

Bree confronts Brooke, who claims she did it out of a desire to help Bree.

Bree doubts Brooke's sincerity and, concluding that Brooke is out to hurt her, allows herself to be wooed by Vinnie.

Wendy promises Murray that her and Vasa's Valentines Day singles party will be a success.

However, it threatens to upset the couples out for a romantic evening in the dining room.

But the night is a hit and Murray is reminded of how much he loves his wife. To Wendy's delight, he surprised her with a romantic treat and all past transgressions are forgotten.

Lana follows Sarah's advice and backs off romantically from Daniel. Assuming this is a reaction to his injury, Daniel becomes pessimistic about his recovery.

Sarah attempts to jolly him and Daniel realises Sarah is behind Lana's sudden coolness.

Meanwhile, an attraction grows between Zac and Sarah when Zac helps Sarah with some domestic physical labour.

Daniel spots the budding romance and accuses Sarah of hypocrisy for impeding his romantic prospects while simultaneously nurturing her own.

While Sarah denies her burgeoning feelings for Zac, Lana is inspired by Callum to seize the day. She returns and admits her feelings to Daniel, who gently kisses her.


Wednesday 15th February (4923)  

Daniel insists he and Lana keep their romance secret from Sarah, worried the development will cause her concern.

Lana organises time alone with Daniel, but Zac's early return forces her to make excuses. Suspicious, Zac calls Daniel on his secret romance.

Daniel begs Zac to keep the secret and Zac warily agrees, warning that if Sarah asks him directly he won't lie.

Daniel's left hoping he can keep his secret long enough to prove to Sarah his recovery isn't compromised by love.

Vinnie and Bree are sprung in a clinch by Lana, and Bree admits they're together. Vinnie's pleased Bree is finally committing and she resolves to tell Brooke before gossip can reach her.

Although privately dismayed by the development, Brooke pretends not to care and Bree feels free to be openly affectionate with Vinnie.

Brooke finds it difficult to conceal her feelings and admits her jealousy to Roimata.

A loved-up Murray and Wendy make plans for an afternoon rendezvous, aware the kids are out and about.

At the beach, Jasmine invites Ricky and Curtis to join her and Ula, their flattering attention the perfect cure to her break-up blues. Ula is wary, and shes unimpressed when they reveal a new treat - hash brownies.

Ula declines, but Jasmine wants to keep up her cool image and she takes one, hiding it in her bag when the boys aren't looking. Jasmine has to pretend to be stoned and she's relieved when its time to go.

At home, Jasmine and Ula run into an amorous Murray and Wendy, who send the girls on an errand to give them time alone.

Later, Jasmine discovers the hash brownie missing and works out Wendy must have eaten it before returning to work.  Horrified, Jasmine rushes to the hospital.

While Jasmine is trying to find Wendy, Ula runs across Evan, who is feeling very strange. Ula realises Evan ate the brownie, not Wendy.

Oblivious, Jasmine insists Vasa relieve Wendy in surgery, explaining Wendy has mistakenly eaten her hash brownie. Vasa is appalled and Jasmine knows she's in big trouble.

Thursday 16th February (4924)

Hunter turns up for his first session at Shortland Street's new alcohol and drug unit and meets a hardened addict, Slade.

Still hurting from Jill's death, Roimata is disturbed to see Hunter is back in the hospital on a regular basis.

Nicole is dismayed when her wallet is stolen in the cafeteria. Hunter realises Slade may have taken it and he goes to Rose with his suspicions.

However, when Nicoles wallet turns up, cash missing - Slade denies it was him and turns the accusation on Hunter.

With Roimata standing there, Hunter can't help a wave of guilt - he still hasn't owned up for stealing her necklace.

Wendy is appalled when she's pulled out of surgery because Jasmine fears shes eaten a hash brownie by mistake. Wendy insists she hasnt eaten it and Jasmine realises shes outed herself for nothing.

Jasmine has to face Murray and Wendy's fury and Murray demands to know who gave Jasmine the brownie. Jasmine wants to protect Ricky and Curtis and claims she can't remember their names.

Murray alerts Vasa and Chris and Phoenix admits he knows the names of the boys Jasmine has been wagging school with.

Wendy tells Jasmine he will alert the school and the police about them. Jasmine is dismayed the situation is snowballing beyond her control.

Sarah is pulled up when Rachel notes how happy Sarah looks in Zac's company. Sarah is successfully burying her feelings and dismisses any personal attraction to Zac.

However, at home later, there is an unmistakable frisson. Unsure whether to acknowledge it, the sexual tension between them lingers. Sarah confides her growing attraction to Zac to Gabrielle.

Gabrielle cautions Sarah not to confuse real romantic feelings with a cover for loneliness.

Later, Zac acknowledges his feelings for Sarah and they kiss.

Confused and feeling she should be prioritising Daniel's recovery, not her own romantic yearnings, Sarah pushes Zac away and insists he leave and find somewhere else to live.

Friday 17th February (4925)

Daniel is surprised to learn that Sarah has let Zac go.  He's not sure its a good idea and is proved right when he and Sarah struggle and are forced to call Zac for help.

Zac arrives and takes the strain off Sarah, but Daniel's still  irritated Zac left so suddenly and accuses him of being unprofessional. Zac protects Sarah by keeping the full story from Daniel, and Sarah feels conflicted.

She tells Gabrielle that she feels selfish for letting her feelings get in the way of Daniel's recovery, and Gabrielle urges her to be frank with Zac.

Sarah admits to Zac she has feelings for him, but insists on shelving them for the duration of Daniel's treatment.

Chris takes Harry to the beach but is annoyed when Harry unfairly accuses him of checking out Michelle, an attractive woman.

But when Michelle suffers serious stomach pains, Chris is forced to intercede and take her to the ED. Chris hands over Michelle to Nicole, who tries her best to calm Michelle's obvious nervousness.

However, when the time comes to get scans, Michelle escapes ED. She crosses with Chris on her way out, but wont give any explanation for her sudden change of heart.

Rachel clocks the exchange, and when she learns Chris met Michelle on the beach, her suspicions are roused.

Chris asserts nothing untoward is going on, but he has to let the Michelle issue drop to keep the peace.

Roimata is still grieving for Jill and she struggles to adjust to Hunter's presence in the hospital. Meanwhile, Hunter struggles when Slade needles him about Jill's death.

Rose sends Hunter to take a break and Callum compliments Hunter on his efforts in the tough group session.

However, when Roimata sees the tail-end of the warm moment, she thinks Hunter's not taking his treatment seriously.

Hunter argues with Slade, and an irritable Slade knocks over an elderly patient on his way out.  Roimata finds Hunter at the scene of the crime, and has had enough.

She storms in on Callum and accuses him of nepotism and protecting his careless son, but Callum ignores her concerns and warns against further personal attacks.

Roimata's left furious, and when Hunter tries to check shes okay, Roimata blows up and accuses him of being a heartless killer.

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