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Faye branches out

Faye Smythe

Shortland Street's Faye Smythe (Tania Jeffries) is set to hit the stage for the very first time this month, appearing in Raising the Titanics - a magical tribute to the late and great Maori show-bands of yesteryear.

Written by Albert Belz and directed by Raymond Hawthorne, Smythe will be acting alongside local talents Bronwyn Turei ( Go Girls ), Miriama McDowell, Tama Waipara, Fran Kora and Wesley Dowdell.

"I'm working with such a strong team of people. Everyone is so talented, passionate and driven. It's been so inspiring working with them all," says Smythe. "I love working with Raymond Hawthorne too. In fact I couldn't imagine a better director to learn from for my first time on stage."

Playing the part of Aroha Devine, Smythe describes her character as a strong, motivated and determined lady, who pushes for what she wants in life.

"She's very different to Tania Jeffries. She doesn't dilly-dally or muck around," says Smythe. "I've been playing Tania for five years now, so it's been quite a strange experience trying to step out of her and immerse myself in this new role."

Smythe says acting on stage has required a completely different style to what she's used to at Shortland Street.

"Suddenly you can't use your face to express how you're feeling - you have to use your voice and your whole body. One of my main challenges has been learning how to project my voice and not just feel like I'm shouting."

So what can audiences expect from the show?

"It's definitely an entertainment piece. There's lots of live music and singing," says Smythe. "I laugh and cry, so I hope that the audience can experience that as well."

Meanwhile on Shortland Street this week, Tania has a romantic encounter with someone who isn't her boyfriend.

Shocked by the unexpected moment, Tania wonders what it means for her relationship with Isaac (Matt Minto). 

"Things have been going really well between Tania and Isaac, so when she experiences this closeness with another man, it really confuses things for her," explains Smythe. "I can't say too much else, but Tania is definitely given a few things to ponder on."

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