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Shortland Street Family Tree: The Jeffries

The Jeffries family: Maia, Libby, Yvonne and Tania

The Jeffries family has dominated Shortland Street - with all three daughters and mum Yvonne working in the hospital, until recently.

A few years ago, Yvonne's life took an unexpected turn for the better when the son she adopted, Hamish Flynn, made contact with her.

What Yvonne didn't know was that her long-lost "son" was really a con-man, out to scam her and Ian for their last penny.

Scandal has dominated the Jeffries family - with eldest daughter Maia leading the charge.

During her time on the show Maia has had one of NZ's first civil unions (to Jay Copeland), given birth to her sister Tania's husband's baby, and confessed to killing Ethan Pierce!



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