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The families of Shortland Street pt 2

The Jefferies family - Shortland Street on TV2

The Valentine family - Shortland Street on TV2

The Jeffries family: Maia, Libby, Yvonne and Tania

Barb Haywood with her boys - Shortland Street on TV2

Waverley with her baby Tina-Anne - Shortland Street on TV2

Ellen with David and their baby Rose

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There's been plenty of family conflict on Shortland Street over the years. Take a look back at the most memorable families to make their mark in Ferndale over the last 19 and a half years.


CEO Victor Kahu's sister Te Hana Hudson and her family husband Joe daughter Mihi and son Tama moved to Ferndale when Te Hana got a job as a nurse at the hospital.

Victor often clashed with Joe because he thought that Te Hana could do better than Joe.

Mihi befriended a young teenager called Shannon Te Ngaru who quickly became a regular visitor to the Hudson household.

Tama and Shannon eventually began a relationship and fell pregnant with a first child, Ngakau who sadly died in infancy.

After the heartbreaking loss of Ngakau, Tama and Shannon drifted apart and broke up. However, they were eventually reunited and fell pregnant with their second child. Baby Rangimarie Hudson was born at the end of 2005. 


Craig Valentine arrived as the Head of ED in 2005, and brought with him his two wayward children Scarlett and Jake.

Craig dealt with all sorts of solo parenting issues over the course of their time in Ferndale, including his children's reluctance to accept some of his relationships.


The Jeffries may have arrived one by one to the show, but as a united family, they certainly made an impact.

Maia arrived first and in quite controversial fashion as the lesbian girlfriend of Jay Copeland.

Mother, Yvonne and sisters Tania and Libby followed in quick succession and the Jeffries became a pivotal part of Shortland Street's drama for many years. We also met Mr Jeffries  and a man pretending to be Yvonne's adopted son Hamish.

All three Jeffries girls ended up with relatively unconventional marriages. Maia married Jay in the show's first civil union ceremony in 2006. Sadly, Jay was killed by the Ferndale Strangler, Joey Henderson in 2007.

She went on to have baby Jay using a 'donation' from sister Tania's husband Mark Weston - a decision that didn't go down so well with Tania when she discovered it. Needless to say, her relationship with him ended shortly after that.

Libby tried to find the man of her dreams for many years, even starting a relationship with Dr Love himself, Chris Warner.

In the end however, she married her very best friend, asexual Gerald Tippett in order to get a green card to move to America.


Solo mother Barb Heywood was the mother of Dr Adam Heywood and wayward teen, Marshall Heywood.

This unconventional family had more than their fair share of dramas, including Marshall's attempts to blow up a garage whilst making drugs.

Hopeless romantic Barb turned to the personal columns for help with her love life. 

She was about to discover that new doctor Martin 'Sticky' Stickwell also like Pina Coladas and walks in the rain.  Weathering disapproval from Barb's children (after all Adam was Sticky's age) Barb and Sticky went on to become one of the show's most endearing couples.


Nick and Waverley's wedding was a long time in the making - and lived up to everyone's expectations. 

The couple tied the knot in a romantic ceremony attended by close friends and family.  Rachel McKenna was Nick's best man and old favourites Jenny Harrison and Marj Nielsen were guests.

The Harrisons were one of the show's most endearing families.  Lucas was Nick's child from a previous relationship, but loved Wave like his own mother and when baby Tina-Anne (named partly for Anne Greenlaw) was born in the show's 3000th episode, their family was complete.


Mother/ daughter combo Ellen and Minnie Crozier were a family unit of their own for a long time.

Ellen's crazy sister Carla caused her fair share of problems, but Head of Nursing Ellen remained resolute and tried to keep her Minnie out of as much trouble as possible.

Ellen eventually married Dr David Kearney and created a combined family that also included David's sons, Fergus and Sean.

Ellen and David had a baby of their own, little Rose, who tragically died of cot death.

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