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The families of Shortland Street pt 1

A young Rachel and Jonathon McKenna - Shortland Street TV2

The Crombies - Shortland Street on TV2

Shortland Street has always been a family affair. Take a look back at some of the families that have made their mark in Ferndale over the last 19 and a half years.


The Neilsens were one of the very first families to be introduced on Shortland Street . Dad, Tom was an ambulance officer while his wife Marj worked reception at the clinic.

Their son Stewart was at Ferndale High getting in to all sorts of trouble and their older son Darryl was, well... he was just trouble!

Darryl's twin Damien also turned up later down the track and Marj met up with the biological daughter that she had adopted out when she was a teenager.

After Tom disappeared, Marj married a lovely man named Laurie Brasch and they helped raise a teenager runaway called Lulu.

The McKennas

The McKennas were the original power family in Ferndale. Dad Michael was the CEO of the hospital in the very beginning and mum Alex owned the local bar. 

Their kids Rachel and Jonothan were like any other teenagers, bratty and argumentative. Luckily they have grown out of some of their bad habits now!

The McKenna's cousin Waverly was an unusual addition to family combo. She came to stay and became a permanent fixture in their lives for years!

The Crombies

Moira and Earl Crombie ruffled lots of feathers with their arrival in Ferndale, bringing along a brood of four children.

When Earl died unexpectedly, Moira was left a struggling solo mother until she meet the lovely Dean Cochrane and they got married.

But Dean had a daughter of his own and the blended family situation lead to more dramas.

The McKays

Staff at Shortland Street found the McKay's to be rather snooty when they first arrived from Australia.

Justine, Callum, Hunter and Sophie were well-off and got they wanted regardless of anyone getting in their way.

They eventually calmed down have become a major part of the show. However, only the males of the McKay family are still lurking in Ferndale.

Justine headed back to Australia after the break down of her marriage and Sophie headed off on her OE at the beginning of 2011.

Callum's mother Mona still pops unexpectedly from time to time though.

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