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Ex Shorty star to 'rise up' for Canterbury

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Former Shortland Street star Shaun Edwards-Brown (he played ambulance driver, Ben Goodall) is putting his life on the line to raise money for his hometown, Christchurch, when takes part in a charity boxing match in April.

Shaun, whose character died on the show in June 2010, returned to Christchurch after his acting stint to resume his role as teacher at Cashmere High School.

Shaun and his family experienced not only the earthquake at the end of 2010, but also the devastating February 2011 earthquake and were horrified by the effects it has had on their city.

"There are so many of us down here who struggle through day-to-day life, trying to remain positive and strong, but the reality is its terrifying especially when you have kids to worry about," he says.

In a bid to do something for the city he grew up in, Shaun has volunteered to take part in a charity boxing event called Rise Up - The Fight Night, to be held at the ASB stadium in Auckland on Saturday, April 2nd.

"I've always considered myself a lover not a fighter, but when someone said they wanted me to fight to raise money for my fellow Cantabrians, I didn't hesitate," says Shaun.
"So if standing in a ring while someone gives me a hiding helps at all, I'd go in against Tua."

The event will showcase international, professional and amateur bouts in boxing, Muay Thai and MMA with various competitors.

Shaun readily admits that he has had next to no experience in the boxing ring, but is ready to put on the gloves and lay his body on the line for this very worthy cause.

"I've been lucky enough that Peter Bell from Bell's boxing gym has offered his time and help trying to teach me to survive this fight," he says. "I've tried a lot of sports in my life, but I have never done anything remotely as tiring and hard work as boxing training. I just hope I stay on my feet long enough to throw a punch."

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