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Evan faces the music

Troubled teenager Evan Cooper

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Evan Cooper (Tyler Read) is forced to face the music on Shortland Street this week.

Responsible for the fire that ravaged the student flat building at the end of last year, Evan is now required to go to Youth Court to give his plea.

But with his father urging him to admit his guilt, an innocent Evan is left conflicted about what to do.

Certain that his son intentionally lit the fire, Murray Cooper ( Matt Chamberlain ) wills Evan to give a 'guilty' plea in order to receive a lighter penalty.

"Evan really wants to right his wrongs, but lying in court does not feel good," says Read. "Evan feels incredibly guilty about the fact his mistake hurt people, but he's not sure that this would make it any better." 

Refusing to encourage or enjoy his infamy at school, Evan attempts to distance himself from his gossiping peers.

Believing her brother to be honest at heart, Bella attempts to get hold of Murray in order to tell him she thinks Evan is telling the truth.

But as Evan and Murray enter the youth court, she may just be too late.

"Murray puts pressure on Evan right up until the last moment and the strain of this starts to get to him," says Reid. "Not wanting to let his father down, Evan starts thinking that maybe he should just do what his father wants."

While Evan has a very big decision ahead of him, actor Tyler has been enjoying the summer break , spending time at his family's holiday home.

"I've been enjoying the great weather up north, swimming, fishing and relaxing with a few mates," says Read. "It's been a great way to unwind after a big 2010."

Will Evan plead guilty?

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