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Shortland Street engagements

Bella (Amelia Reid) with Luke (Gerald Urquhart) - Shortland Street on TV2

Sarah (Amanda Billing) and TK (Ben Mitchell) in happier times

Scotty's medical condition makes him see Tracey as an imposter.

Karl Burnett as Nick Harrison - Shortland Street on TV2

Bella with Zlata and Luke in Shortland Street on TV2

While Luke and Bella celebrate their engagement, we take a look back at some of Shorty’s most memorable marriage proposals.

From true love to tragedy, not every engaged couple makes it down the aisle in Ferndale. Here’s our pick of some of the most dramatic Shorty engagements.

Bella and Isaac

This isn’t the first time Bella has been engaged. Back in 2011, after breaking up with boyfriend Brody Kemp (Ari Boyland), Bella caught the attention of the shady Isaac Worthington (Matt Minto) after she was becoming suspicious of his dodgy dealings, which included framing her now beloved Luke!

Bella fell for Isaac’s attentions hook line and sinker and she was pleasantly surprised when Isaac proposed to her with an expensive diamond ring.

But unbeknownst to Bella, Isaac was only marrying her to gain to access his trust fund and when his ulterior motives were exposed, she returned to Brodie.

Gina and Leonard

Wacky café owner Gina Rossi (Josephine Davison) developed a crush on the equally wacky Dr Leonard Dodds (Marton Csokas) and the two fell in love.

But Gina, remembering Chris Warner and Alison Raynor’s failed attempts to marry, became convinced that engagements at Shortland Street were cursed and so sought to do everything in her power to stop Leonard from proposing to her.

Bemused Clinic Director Michael McKenna eventually intervened and suggested that Gina propose to Leonard before he could propose to her.

The plan worked and the two got married and eventually moved overseas.


Scotty and Tracey

After the death of his first wife Shanti, James “Scotty” Scott (Kiel McNaughton) found love again with his close friend and fellow nurse Tracey Morrison (Sarah Thomson).

After a near death experience where Scotty was nearly killed by vindictive orderly Penny Rourke, he decided to propose Tracey and the two started planning a wedding for December 2010.

However Tracey became worried by Scotty’s increasingly erratic behavior.  But she was unaware that post-traumatic stress disorder had caused Scotty to believe his fiancée Tracey Morrison had been replaced with an imposter.

The day before the wedding, an angry and confused Scotty tried to kill Tracey thinking she was the imposter.

Luckily TK came to the rescue and they discovered that Scotty had been suffering Capgras Syndrome as a result of a tumour.

After he was treated and the tumour removed, Scotty was still worried about hurting Tracey so he tried to end their relationship.

But love won out and the two quickly reunited and married in a surprise ceremony on Valentine’s Day 2011.


Nick and Waverley

It took three engagements for on and off couple Nick Harrison (Karl Burnett) and Waverley Wilson (Claire Chitham) to finally wed in 2002!

The couple were previous engaged twice before. Their second engagement turned rocky after Wave attempted to mould Nick into the successful businessman she knew he could be. 

Things came to a head in one of Shortland Street’s most memorable moments when Waverley cut Nick's long hair off - while he slept! Horrified, he called the wedding off! 

After several years apart, the couple were finally reunited and engaged to be married once again. But their first attempt to get married in a registry office was a bust; Fergus turned up and kidnapped the bride!

TK and Sarah

TK Samuels (Ben Mitchell) and Sarah Potts (Amanda Billing) are one of Shortland Street fans’ favourite couples, but the beginning of their relationship was just as tumultuous as their later separation and divorce

TK had to compete with Craig Valentine for Sarah’s affections but she finally chose TK in the Christmas cliffhanger in 2006.

But things weren’t all smooth sailing for the loved up couple and after a few months, Sarah became jealous of TK’s friendship with ex-girlfriend Holly and mistakenly accused him of cheating.

Headstrong Sarah tried to make up for her outburst by proposing marriage but she was shocked when TK turned her down.

He later revealed he might have contracted HIV and Sarah insisted they get married, whatever the result. Thankfully TK’s results came back negative and the pair made it to the altar in May 2007.


Guy and Carmen

In the final week of 1995 a truck crashed into the hospital and new mum Carmen (Theresa Healey) was struck on the head.  She seemed fine and on Christmas Day boyfriend Guy Warner (Craig Parker) popped the question. 

Moved, Carmen explained she wasn't the marrying kind, but she loved him and wanted to be with him forever. The two exchanged rings and their own special vows to be together forever.  

But moments later, she collapsed and died leaving Guy and their baby daughter Tuesday alone and spoiling Christmas dinners across New Zealand.


Kieran and Sophie

Kieran Mitchell (Adam Rickitt) developed a special relationship with school girl Sophie McKay (Kimberley Crossman). Despite his best intentions to keep away from her, Kieran eventually couldn't deny the strong attraction he felt for her. 

When their secret affair was finally revealed, they faced the disapproval of Sophie’s friends and family who frowned on their age difference and Kieran’s murky dealings.

He proposed to her, much to the dismay of Sophie's family who thought he was far too old and far too dodgy for their precious daughter to be with. 

After much persuasion, Sophie’s father Callum finally agreed to give his daughter away at their wedding in February 2010.

But the ceremony was dramatically interrupted by Kieran’s ex-girlfriend Libby Jeffries who had found incriminating evidence that placed Kieran at the scene of Morgan Braithwaite's death.

Sid took the fall for his brother Kieran’s crime and with Sophie unaware of the truth, the couple married in a quiet ceremony.


Luke and Zlata

It’s also second time lucky for Luke who returned to Ferndale last year  engaged to his Romanian fiancée Zlata Waldheim (Kate Elliott).  His engagement surprised many of his colleagues at the hospital, including his friend Bella.

While Luke cared for feisty Zlata, he came to the realisation that Bella was his true love.  Their engagement ended dramatically after Zlata’s dastardly father Costel tried to kill Bella when he learned that she was a threat to his daughter’s happiness. A heartbroken Zlata returned to Romania with her father.


Now that Luke is finally engaged to the right woman, hopefully Luke and Bella will make be able to make it down the aisle without a hitch!

Celebrating 20 years of Shortland Street