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The end is nigh...

Callum McKay is played by Peter Mochrie

Callum McKay

As we gear up toward the end of the year, the tradition of the Shortland Street cliffhanger (the last episode of the year before we wrap for a much needed summer break,) looms ever closer.

In previous years, the cliffhangers have left fans of the show on the edge of their seats and desperate to know what will happen upon the show's return.

In 2008, viewers were left wondering if the evil Ethan Pierce was really dead after falling victim to a gunshot wound and more importantly, wondering who, of Ethan's many enemies, had pulled the trigger.

In 2009, audiences watched in horror as bar owner Kieran Mitchell framed a drunken Rachel McKenna for murder after he accidentally struck and killed Morgan Braithwaite with a car. Meanwhile, his girlfriend Sophie slept peacefully at the IV whilst Kieran's misguided brother, Sid attempted to set fire to the building.

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This year there will be several key cliffhanger storylines involving many of Shortland Street's most loved characters.

Exclusively, we can reveal that CEO Callum McKay (Peter Mochrie) will play a pivotal part in a final episode that is set to excite. 

We talk to Peter Mochrie and ask him a few sneaky questions about the final epsidoe and what to expect.

Can you tell us anything about what happens to Callum McKay during the final episode (without giving too much away!)

With Rachel very much in mind, Callum pushes himself to protect her to the bitter end.

Can audiences expect a cliffhanger full of emotional or physical drama?

Keeping with recent tradition, this year's cliffhanger is brimming with danger, excitement and suspense. No one will be disappointed.

Did you enjoy shooting the final episode for 2010?

Absolutely, it was extremely dangerous and every take pushed us to perform the very best we could.

I think it is among our best work and certainly exhilarating to be involved with.

What can audiences expect when the show returns in 2011?

People will be on the edge of their seats with this cliffhanger.

It is something, I think, original to Shortland Street and no doubt will leave people anticipating an exciting return.

2011 will bring nail-biting conclusions and suspense second to none. I think it is riveting television.


Wow, it sounds exciting - don't miss the build-up as Shortland Street heads towards its final episode for 2010 in December. Meanwhile, there's lots of great viewing between then and now - weeknights 7.00 pm TV2.