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Emma's Dilemma

Emma’s had a hard time finding love in Ferndale. Her first relationship was with Vinnie, and that all turned sour when he slept with her best friend Kylie. Then there was her relationship with flatmate Dallas, which again didn’t last the distance.

Now she has her eye on the much older Sam Aleni, but will Emma be able to make this one work?

“It’s been a bit of a slow burn start to this relationship,” says Amy Usherwood who plays Emma. “It definitely hasn’t kicked off with a hiss and a roar so I think she’s very cautious about whether it will work.”

She already has Sam’s daughter Honour trying her best to stop the romance from taking off. And when Sam’s mother Ana comes to stay, things start looking even worse for poor Emma, as Ana mistakes Vasa for Sam’s new girlfriend and instantly take a shine to her instead of Emma.

When Sam suggests that Emma make some more Samoan dishes for his mother in order to win her over, Emma is at a loss. Her previous attempt at cooking for Sam was all aided by Vasa!

“Emma’s totally stuck,” says Amy. “She knows she can’t keep relying on Vasa to do the work for her, but she really wants to prove herself to Sam’s mum and to Sam. And the more she asks for Vasa’s help, the more she can’t help but feel like she’s not really being honest to herself, or to anyone else about who she really is.”

Will Emma be able to convince Ana that she’s the right woman for her son using her own merits? Or will she continue to use Vasa to cover her tracks?