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Shortland Street

Weeknights at 7pm | TV2

Driven to the brink

Angela Bloomfield as Rachel McKenna - Shortland Street on TV2

She’s always been cool, calm and in charge but this week Shortland Street CEO Rachel McKenna finds the stress of running the hospital and juggling family life so overwhelming she puts her own health and her sobriety on the line.

Already under pressure now Shortland Street is in direct competition with St Caths, Seth Packhurt’s constant meddling and underhand tactics are driving Rachel up the wall.

With a costly crisis at the hospital and a mountain of reports due, workaholic Rachel is strung out and working late when her PA Henry unwitting offers her a glass of wine to de-stress and she’s sorely tempted.

Later tensions at home and an argument with Chris has Rachel even more riled up and when Jared makes an upsetting revelation about his life with the Warners, Rachel finally snaps .

Is Rachel about to return to drink or has she pushed herself towards something even more life threatening?


Shortland Street, weeknights 7pm