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Diving In

Cameron Jones plays Dallas - Shortland Street on TV2

Shorty stars Matt Chamberlain (Murray) and Cameron Jones (Dallas) are making the most of the warmer weather and taking part in the State NZ Ocean Swim Series.

Cameron is doing theState Harbour Crossingin Auckland on December 7, while Matt is also doing the State Harbour Crossing as well as theState La Grande Swim in Akaroaand theState King of the Bayson the North Shore!


Are you two friends off screen?

Cameron:Yes we go surfing together when we can.

Matt:Yeah we are very good friends.


Do you have any previous swimming experience?

Cameron:I used to do a lot of swimming growing up, but stopped at my teen years. But then I was involved in Surf Life saving and surfing, so I was always in the water.

Matt:Yes, as a kid I used to complete a bit.


What are your goals for this event?

Cameron:To finish, and to not get cramp haha.

Matt:I have been thinking about entering for 3 years, when I heard Cam was doing it, I thought this is the year.


What prompted you to enter?

Cameron:With type one diabetes, long distance or endurance activities are difficult. Not impossible, but can be quite scary. I have always wanted to do an ocean swim, its been on my bucket list, and I love being in water.

Fitness and seeing that I could do it. 

Are you a regular exerciser?

Cameron:Yea I love being active and especially anything in the water!



If so are you working the swimming training into your existing training schedule?

Cameron:Yeah at the moment Im training 3x a week with a swim squad out west and have amazing coaches, Sue and Simon, who are absolutely awesome. Its a lot harder than I thought. For a while I was being blitzed by everyone, including the older woman. That has been humbling&

Matt:Yes, I will aim for 3 swims a week and fit weights and bike riding around that.


Have family and friends been supportive of your decision to do the event?

Matt:My wife supports me doing it and my kids are like ..whatever dad.