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Dinner for three

Shortland Street on TV2

Love affairs are called into question this week on Shortland Street as Vinnie Kruse and girlfriend Emma Franklin find themselves celebrating their three month anniversary with a romantic dinner.

Their relationship remains on shaky ground after Vinnie secretly strayed with Kylie.

And while Vinnie and Kylie have managed to keep their betrayal secret, even Emma has picked up on their flirty connection.

Torn between his commitment to his girlfriend and attraction to her best friend, Vinnie attempts to keep up the charade of the good boyfriend.

When it comes to celebrating the three month mark, the pair are content to not to make a fuss. 

But after some well-intentioned nagging from Emma’s besties Lana and Kylie, Vinnie feels the pressure to do something special.

Still harbouring serious guilt over what happened with Kylie, Vinnie attempts to pull out all the stops to give Emma a night to remember.

But with so many secrets and lies below the surface, will the romantic evening go as planned?


Shortland Street, weeknights 7pm