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Did you miss our 90 minute feature-length episode?

Roimata and her dad Henare - Shortland Street TV2

Roimata and parents await her wedding to TK - Shortland Street TV2

TK Samuels rescues Hunter McKay from his burning car - Shortland Street TV2

Sarah Potts cradles her newborn daughter - born in a roadside ditch! Shortland Street TV2

Audiences were on the edge of their seats as Shortland Street's thrilling 90 minute feature unfolded on Monday.

You can watch it here.

Twitter was alight last night with the #shortyfeature trending WORLDWIDE as and episode writer @tellywriter provided a running commentary of interesting facts LIVE throughout the episode.

Here are some highlights from their tweets.

Guess if you missed Friday's episode you'll have no idea why Hunter's got his undies on the outside....


@tellywriter just told me that she wrote that fight to be in the middle of triage. We shifted it so the stunt wouldn't affect extras.

Sarah conceived 34 weeks ago on-screen. We sped up her pregnancy when Amanda Billing took 3 months off.

The longest Shorty pregnancy ever was Ellen Crozier, when we mucked up the dates. So we did a story about baby being late.

Bride dress and bridesmaid dress were both made by our wardrobe department. Everyone loved them.

This location was last used as the courthouse where Brooke was accidentally shot. It's actually a yacht club.

#shortyfeature This scene has an edit that we worked the hardest on (but not telling what).

Auntie Kuini wasn't in the original storyline but we thought we needed her - especially for this scene.

The car crash was done by putting the car on a giant turntable/pivot and spinning to actors round. It makes you pukey!

The original plan was to have the car upside down. Changed plans the night before when we realised Beth & Lee would be 8 hours hanging.

Look carefully and you'll see that Brooke is out of her high heels and wearing tiny ugg boots.

Welcome Shortland Street's latest star... and although a girl, she's actually played by a boy: Baby Nathan.

Sarah's umbilical cord has been used on Shorty before. And Outrageous Fortune. And Mercy Peak. And Jackson's Wharf...