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Diabetes Awareness Week

Diabetes Awareness Week kicked off with much fanfare today at Shortland Street when the Diabetes Mobile Testing clinic came to visit and gave the cast and crew the opportunity to have themselves tested for the condition. 

Leading the charge was Shorty stars Ben Mitchell (TK) and Sam Bunkall (Boyd) as well as Diabetes Awareness Ambassador, Cam Jones (Dallas). Many of the Shortland Street crew members also made the most of the mobile clinic’s visit to the West Auckland studios.

It’s well known that diabetes is a huge health issue in New Zealand - nearly a quarter of a million Kiwis have diabetes and at least 50 more are diagnosed every day. But what is less well known is that anyone can get diabetes and if it’s not properly managed, the consequences can be extremely serious. This is one of the key messages that Diabetes New Zealand wants people to take on board during Diabetes Awareness Week from 11 -17 November. 

According to Diabetes New Zealand President Chris Baty, careful management, including  taking any prescribed medication as instructed, eating healthily and having regular physical activity, is the key to living well for people who have been diagnosed with diabetes.

As an Ambassador for Diabetes Awareness, Cameron says he wants other people to know that living with diabetes isn’t a life sentence. However he also wants people to be aware of how to look after themselves if they do have it. 

“If I can make others aware that all types of people from all walks of life go through this – and that life can still be whatever you want it to be , then I will feel like I am doing a little bit to change the perception of the condition,” he says.

Cameron will be speaking at the Diabetes Auckland Event High Socie-Tea on the 16th November.

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