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December on Shortland Street

Surgeon Isaac Worthington - Shortland Street TV2

Viewers are set to see a different side to Scotty - Shortland Street TV2

Tracey gets into the festive spirit - Shortland Street TV2

Troubled teen Evan Cooper

Yvonne dispenses advice to daughter Tania - Shortland Street TV2

With only a few weeks left until Shortland Street's season finale on Friday December 17th, we highlight the big happenings between now and then.

Unlucky in love nurse Tania Jeffries has finally found true love, with a man who's totally a charity project on the other side of the world!

When dashing adventurer Rafe Durville reveals he is jetting off to third world Laos to open a hospital there, Tania's dreams of a future together are stymied.

But putting his imminent departure aside, the two enjoy a final few days of joy together.

After sharing a heart-wrenching goodbye, Tania throws herself into her work in a bid to forget about Rafe.

But when her mother Yvonne reminds Tania that love like this comes only once in a lifetime, Tania regrets letting Rafe go - but has she left it too late?

Playboy Isaac Worthington is facing his first-ever festive season fiscal crisis!

With the lid nailed tightly shut on his trust fund and his surgeon's salary slipping through his fingers, Isaac must come up with a plan to make money - fast.

A chance meeting with surgeon Jennifer Maison's ex husband proves very fortuitous.

Learning that Jim's cosmetic surgery clinic is lying idle, Isaac convinces Jim to take a risk and join him in some lucrative surgeries 'on the side'.

Despite Brooke Freeman's warning that Isaac is putting his Shortland Street career at stake, he forges ahead.

But you can be assured that Isaac's greedy ways will have dire consequences in the days to come...!

Sophie McKay and Daniel Potts draw closer this month as Sophie warms to romance once more.

Having been burned by her disastrous marriage to I.V owner Kieran Mitchell, Sophie has concentrated on her new career as PA to Rachel McKenna.

But Daniel's support and friendship over the past months hasn't gone unnoticed and in December, the cute twosome re-kindles their bond over a candle-lit restaurant dinner.

However just as they are preparing to head home together, brother Hunter enters with news for Sophie that will leave her shocked, distracted and dazed!

A pre-Christmas fund raiser sees Shorty Streeters paired up in a medical obstacle race.

Rachel McKenna is dismayed to see she's been partnered with ex-lover Chris Warner.

Rachel's been trying to steer clear of Chris ever since her decision to commit to a future with hospital CEO Callum McKay.

As the games commence, the pairs must work very closely indeed.

It's no surprise that the warring couple work incredibly well together; like a well-oiled machine they fall into familiar patterns.

With success in their sights, Rachel can't but help being reminded of what a formidable force they once made.

After another fight with his dad Murray, feisty teenager Evan Cooper makes the decision that life would be better if he didn't have to be with his family and opts to run away.

As the days tick by, his distraught parents canvas Evan's friends and school-mates, desperate to discover his whereabouts, but no one seems to know anything, or at least nothing that they are willing to reveal.

Will Evan be found in time for Christmas?

Or are the Coopers going to be spending a very miserable festive season waiting for news of their only son?

Suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder after his near death at the hands of Penny Rourke, Scotty has been struggling to get life back on track.

He's back into the swing of things as Charge Nurse at the hospital, and fiancée Tracey hopes that their upcoming wedding will provide another welcome distraction.

Plus Scotty's getting to know his long-lost mum Hine (Rena Owen).

However, this month Scotty receives information that sets him back - it appears vengeful Penny may be one of two prisoners on the loose after their transport van crashed.

Scotty knows that Penny has unfinished business with him - would she return to Ferndale to finish him off?

As the news sinks in, we'll see a whole new side to Scotty which will leave audiences reeling.

And in the final episode of the year , viewers will see five of Shortland Street's much-loved characters' lives hanging in the balance as several momentous events wreak havoc through the community.


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