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Shortland Street

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December 14 - 18 2009

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Monday 14th December (ep 4396)

One of the surgeons Rachel had secured for her surgical team pulls out.  Chris offers his help and Rachel clings to the partnership, knowing this is another chance to improve her chances with him. 

They work together to get the surgeon on board.  Rachel is delighted. 

She makes a final play for him but Chris firmly states her attempts are futile.  They'll never be together.  Defeated, Rachel resigns.

Nicole is disturbed when Maia argues that murderer Don Lennox deserved to live as much as anyone else. 

Unsure if she can pursue a relationship with Maia given her defence of murderers, Nicole turns her mind to Christmas. 

She wants to spend it with Morgan but Morgan encourages Nicole to contact her estranged family and attempt a reconciliation. 

Nicole does, and happily reveals to Morgan that she is invited too.  Morgan is touched. 

Nicole tells Maia she will never be able to accept Maia's past, leaving Maia hurt.

Sarah is disappointed by TK's no-show at the charity event and is grateful to Maxwell for his support.  

Brooke continues to feign her injury and hints to TK that she would be a better partner, playing up her maternal side. 

She then plays both Sarah and TK independently, convincing them that the other is deliberately sabotaging chances of reconciliation. 

When Brooke realises Tania is on to her, she gets in first by telling Sarah Tania is being meddlesome. 

Sarah is unfairly dismissive when Tania tries to warn her.  Sarah talks to TK but conflicted, struggles to finalise their separation. 

Tania jokes of Brooke's designs on TK when she and Yvonne witness the two of them together.

Yvonne is unsettled by the parallels Tania draws about women preying on recently-single friends.  Tania witnesses Brooke's unabashed flirting and proof her injury is fake. 

She confronts Brooke and then unsuccessfully tries to warn Sarah. 

Yvonne sees the pressure Gerald is under whilst keeping her secret from Tania, Yvonne realises she can delay no longer. 

Yvonne breaks the news to Tania - she and Ben are in love.


Tuesday 15th December (ep 4397)

Tania reels from the shock of Yvonne's revelation and orders her out.  Tania goes to Maia who finds the story hard to believe. 

But when she and Tania see Ben and Yvonne together, Maia expresses her shock and disapproval that Yvonne would flaunt her affair in public.

Tania and Maia update a stunned Libby and Tania vents her hurt at Yvonne and Ben's betrayal. 

The next day, Libby confronts Yvonne.  She's convinced Ben manipulated Yvonne but Yvonne takes responsibility. 

Maia informs her that Tania wants her to stay away from her and their apartment.  Ben wants desperately to support Yvonne and decides to visit Tania against Yvonne's wishes. 

Tania hears him out when Ben pleads with her to forgive Yvonne. Tania angrily condemns them both.

Kieran despairs about paying the deposit on the wedding venue. 

He approaches Rachel about re-opening the cafeteria but Rachel is deliberately vague about how long the maintenance work will continue. 

Kieran's luck changes when Gerald asks him to cater the Christmas party as the previous caterer has gone into liquidation. 

Sophie's delighted to hear that they can now pay the deposit on the wedding venue.  Hunter argues that Kieran will resort to illegal means to pay for the other wedding costs. 

Kieran is stunned when Sid turns up with a luxury rental car, an expensive suit and a proposition.

TK is disappointed when Sarah refuses to go to relationship counselling.  Daniel wants TK to work harder to convince Sarah. Brooke has a quiet word with Daniel to shut him down. 

Daniel comes to the hospital to talk Sarah into going to counselling.  Brooke once again attempts to stop him but Daniel calls her on her agenda.

Daniel successfully convinces Sarah to attend counselling but she is apprehensive.  After a rocky start, TK and Sarah make progress.

Sarah admits that her decision to leave TK is driven by fear.  However, TK is disappointed when Sarah refuses to come home.

She stands by her belief that TK will resent her in the future for denying him a family. 

Desperate to convince her that he wants their marriage over children, TK decides to have a vasectomy leaving Sarah shocked.


Wednesday 16th December (ep 4398)

Sarah is horrified TK would go so far as to have a vasectomy for her. It makes her more determined to set him free. 

Sarah reports to Brooke on the unsuccessful counselling.  TK unhappily explains to Daniel that he's failed, but Daniel urges him not to give up. 

TK is shattered when Sarah insists she doesn't love him anymore and wants out of their marriage.  As proof, she remove her wedding ring.

Brooke attempts to comfort TK and gets an ear-bashing in return.

Sid offers to involve Kieran in his planned strip show business, but he refuses to become involved. 

Kieran sweats when Sophie gives him a quote for the wedding, but he claims that he can afford it. 

When he asks for his cash back from Sid, he's frustrated to learn that the money is gone.  With no other options, Kieran lets himself be talked into going into business with Sid. 

Callum invites Sophie and Kieran to dinner to discuss their wedding. But Hunter spites Kieran by quitting The I.V and dinner gets off to a rough start. 

Sophie is overjoyed when Kieran agrees to give up on the escort business in exchange for Callum's support and Kieran and Callum forge a truce.

Maxwell is frustrated when he tries to apologise for accusing Tracey of moving in on Scotty.  He is thrilled when he receives news that Vasa is bringing his daughter to Ferndale to see him. 

Tracey agrees to offer a helping hand buying Christmas presents for Ula. 

Maxwell's shopping trip goes well, but he's disheartened when he fails to build an emotional bridge with Tracey. 

At home, Maxwell tidies up, determined to impress his daughter.  He decorates the apartment for a Christmas reunion, but goes on a rampage when Vasa lets him down.

Sarah drops by to see Maxwell about a work matter and is stunned when he blows up at her, screaming at her to leave the house before wrecking the Christmas tree.


Thursday 17th December (ep 4399)

Sarah is sympathetic to Max's issues , but Maxwell needs to be alone and he asks her to go.  He is tempted to gamble online, but smashes his internet router in a bid to ward off his addiction. 

Sophie and Kieran both have a little too much to drink at Callum's.  Kieran tries to get out of the stripper show deal with Sid, but ends up being talked around. 

Daniel is given Morgan's graphic novel, which has been found by a gardener.  Sid relieves Daniel of the book, and delivers it to Morgan.  Sid uses this to charm Morgan. 

Rachel encounters Chris, Harry and Gabrielle having Christmas fun as a family. 

She takes her bad mood out on Gerald, who fumes at her lack of Christmas spirit.  Rachel is frustrated to learn that Callum's attitude to Kieran has softened. 

Callum urges her to go to the Christmas party, but Rachel refuses. At home, a desolate Rachel seeks comfort from the bottle.

Hunter is eager to continue his training in ED doctors but both TK and Maxwell are in bad moods.  Tracey feels for Hunter and continues to take care of him. 

Hunter is impressed with Tracey and begins to feel the spark of attraction.  When it comes to time to go to the party, he decides to pay Tracey a visit instead. 

Tania decides to return to work.  She encounters Yvonne on the front desk and ignores her, leaving Yvonne feeling worse than ever. 

Morgan queries Tania's obvious upset.  Yvonne reveals to Morgan that she and Ben are in love. 

Tania decides against going to the party and Morgan tells Nicole about Yvonne and Ben's affair. 

Yvonne is having second thoughts about going to the party too. But when Nicole reveals that Tania isn't going Yvonne allows Ben to talk her into attending. 

At the party, Gerald wonders if Ben and Yvonne will be coming out as a couple tonight. 

Tania turns up and publicly denounces Yvonne and Ben's relationship, bitterly condemning her traitorous mother. 


Friday 18th December (ep 4400)  FINAL EPISODE FOR 2009

Tracey helps Scotty have a happy pre-Christmas party with Rebecca, Jesse and Amy.  She's somewhat surprised when Hunter arrives. 

When Hunter claims he only wants friendship, Tracey relaxes.  Later, Hunter admits he is attracted to Tracey.  Fearing a scene, Tracey insists she and Hunter leave for the party. 

Scotty gifts Rebecca a pounamu pendant.  Rebecca's gift is her news that she's leaving sex work and she has applied for a job with the Ministry of Women's Affairs. 

Scotty is happy for the first time since Shanti's death.

TK corners Sarah her and insists she lied when she said she didn't love him.  Sarah worries that she'll never be able to convince TK that they cannot be together. 

Maxwell offers Sarah a lift to her hotel, but brings her to his place when she cries all the way. 

Back at the party, TK feels that Brooke may be trying to hit on him.  He backs her off, needing to find Sarah.  

Maxwell's attempting to comfort a still distraught Sarah.  Both feeling a need to escape their pain, the kiss quickly turns passionate.

Once her humiliation of Yvonne is complete, Tania leaves the stage to get a drink and Callum attempts to get party going again. 

Tania turns on Maia and Libby and Morgan offers look out for Tania.  Growing drunker by the minute, Tania admonishes Chris and Gabrielle for supporting Yvonne's affair. 

Tania eludes Morgan who is then distracted by Sid.  She rejects his advances and exits the party and is dismayed to learn that Tania has headed off on foot.  Morgan sets out in pursuit.  

Sid hits on Rachel, who slaps him.  He crows to Kieran about the strip revue deposits that have landed in Kieran's bank account. 

When Kieran tells Sid that he's taking the money as payback for what Sid owes him, Sid loses it.  He's had it with Kieran treating him like a loser.

He's going to burn down Kieran's precious bar.  Sid leaves to follow through on his threat, forcing Kieran to pursue in Rachel's car - with a comatose Rachel in the passenger seat. 

While he's distracted putting on Rachel's seat belt, a speeding Kieran hits a pedestrian.  He investigates and is horrified to find that it is someone he knows. 

Panicking, he drags the unconscious Rachel into the driver's seat, framing her for the accident.  He flees the scene and, as he goes, we see that the pedestrian he hit is Morgan.