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On this day in Shortland Street history

Shortland Street's original bad boy Darryl Neilson threatens his brother Stuart

A young Stuart Neilson played by Martin Henderson

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On November 30th 1992:

When Shortland Street first screened, Darryl Neilson was the Ferndale's original 'resident bad guy'.

Darryl was portrayed by Mark Ferguson from 1992 until the character's death in 1995.

Darryl was the son of Marj Neilson and Tom Neilson.

Stuart got into a brawl with his brother Darryl when he discovered that Darryl had attacked Kirsty after she tried to dump him.

There had never been any love lost between the two brothers, but the attack on Kirsty was the last straw for Stuart and the two remained at odds until the day Darryl fell off the side of the boat, The Toroa. 

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