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Dallas finds love at last

Take a look back at Dallas's time in Ferndale as he heads off to the UK with Ula:


We first met Dallas when the hot paramedic came to the rescue of Dayna after she overdosed at a music fesitval. And it wasn't long before he was gaining fans!

Dallas grew up helping his parents on their farm but moved to Ferndale to escape that life, and the guilt he felt over the death of his younger brother.  

He became a paramedic, and eventually a mentor for Ula.

He moved into the art deco house and began a relationship with Emma, dissapointing Ula in the process.

Dallas began to feel burdened by Emma's ward and younger brother, Toby.

His relationship with Emma finally reached boiling point when a meddling Nate thought it would be funny to make Emma think Dallas was proposing at the staff Christmas party.

Dallas freaked out and went on to kiss Emma's bestfriend Kylie, destroying his relationship with Emma for good.

Dallas went on to bond with the bubbly, and his complete opposite, Bella.

Bella was determined to help him overcome his guilt for his brother's death. And before long the two became an item.

But after Dallas proposed and the two began their wedding planning, Bella began to have cold feet. 

Her reservations on their relationship took their toll on Dallas, and in a moment of weakness, he hooked up with Lucy.

When he finally came clean to Bella, it was too late and their relationship was over. 

After his break-up, Dallas lost all confidence in himself and his abilities as a paramedic.

At the Shorty Street Christmas party Dallas let loose. He was looking for comfort and found it in Ula who had had feelings for him for a long time.

Eventually Dallas put his past with Bella behind him, but after losing a patient on the job, he was more lost than ever.

Ula helped him get back on track, and when she told Dallas she was leaving for the UK, he released she was the one all along and left Ferndale to be with her.