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The Coopers are coming

Shortland Street viewers will soon learn more about the elusive Wendy Cooper (Jacqueline Nairn ), as her family are introduced over the coming months.

Actress Nairn was excited to get to know her new on-screen kids and to learn more about her character's personal life. 

"Wendy's storylines have mainly been based around what goes on at work, so I'm really looking forward to exploring another aspect of her life," says Nairn. "I'm also intrigued about how the Coopers will weave themselves into Ferndale and Shortland Street hospital."

With three Cooper children set to hit the Shortland Street cast - Evan (Tyler Read), Jasmine (Pearl McGlashan) and Bella (Amelia Reid), Nairn says she couldn't be happier with the selection.

"My kids are just fantastic. They are wonderful young actors and we are having the best time creating the Cooper family," enthuses Nairn. "The Coopers are an incredibly close family. Wendy wants her children to be able to tell her everything and have an open, honest relationship with them, but as anyone with teenagers will know, parents can never know everything!"

Having  been on air since mid May, Nairn says she is loving her time on the show.

"It's fantastic. The people I work with are just wonderful. I feel so lucky to come to work each day and enjoy it as much as I do. I feel much more relaxed than I did back in March, although I don't know if I'll ever get used to seeing myself on screen. It's more than a little scary!"

So what kind of drama can audiences expect from the Cooper family? Nairn remains tight-lipped: "Let's just say that when Wendy's kids arrive on the scene, they certainly manage to rock the boat."

Keep an eye out for the Coopers in coming weeks on Shortland Street - and remember, watch every episode FREE with TVNZ Ondemand .