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Congrats to Rena Owen!

Rena Owen with her Best Supporting Actress Award - Shortland Street

Well-known New Zealand actress Rena Owen was acknowledged for her work on Shortland Street on Saturday when she won an Aotearoa Film and TV Award for her work on the show.

Up against some stiff competition, Rena won Best Supporting Actress for the role of Hine Ryan, Scotty's wayward mother.

At a glamorous event held at Auckland's Viaduct Event Centre, attended by the who's who of New Zealand Film and TV, Rena was incredibly proud to accept the award for her work on the country's longest running serial drama.

"Winning the Best Supporting Actress AFTA Award for my work as Hine Ryan was one of the most exhilarating moments of my entire life time," she says. "It was an awesome, incredible, unforgettable moment. A career highlight and a privilege! I felt so proud to stand there on behalf of our longest running, most beloved and most iconic TV series of all time!"

Current Shortland Street stars attended the event on masse in order to support Rena during the event and were proud to see the actress saluting the show.

"It was amazing to work with Rena when she was here on Shorty," says Frankie Adams who plays Ula Levi on the show. "She's such an iconic New Zealand actress and it was amazing to have her in the building. To have her win an award and acknowledge all the hard working people that make the show was absolutely awesome.

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