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Shortland Street

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Shortland Street is now shot in HD

Shortland Street is now shot in HD

Shortland Street is now shot in HD

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New Zealand's favourite serial drama, Shortland Street, is launching in High Definition (HD) from Monday 18th April.

This leading technology gives viewers the chance to see their favourite characters clearer, crisper and with more vivid colours, which is more detailed than the previous standard definition.

Jeff Latch, Head of TV ONE and TV2, says that Shortland Street and TVNZ have been planning the move to HD for some time.

"TVNZ is striving to lead the way with innovation and technology that benefits its viewers. As a medical drama, Shortland Street will particularly benefit from the clarity of pictures inherent with HD," says Latch.

To celebrate the occasion and to take advantage of the extra detail and clarity offered by HD, Shortland Street's producer, Steven Zanoski, says his team have thrown in some exciting additional material for viewers.

"Most graphic of these is an operation that Gabrielle performs offering a little more realism than viewers would normally see. Audiences might want to be well finished with their dinner this week before tuning in," he says.

"We've included scenic shots of Auckland - and the city looks amazing. These visuals have been specifically shot for HD broadcast and have a greater emphasis on people and urban life than we have previously showcased."

Zanoski goes on to explain that, "In the studio, our camera crew took advantage of the new detail they could show off. Shots will start on graphic injuries in the triage and in one case on an intricate arm tattoo. For the first time the coffee machine in the cafeteria is functional so our cameras could show off the steam rising, which previously would never have registered.

"Lighting was been redesigned for HD to highlight actors' eyes which now really do sparkle. Our cast have never looked better."

Catch the new look Shortland Street 7pm weeknights on TV2.