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The girls plotting against Boyd - Shortland Street on TV2

Vasa argues with Zac - Shortland Street on TV2

TK comforts Sarah - Shortland Street on TV2

Rachel Forman plays Paige Munroe - Shortland Street on TV2

Beth Allen plays Brooke Freeman - Shortland Street on TV2

Amy Usherwood plays Emma Franklin - Shortland Street on TV2

Jasmine bonds with Angel - Shortland Street on TV2

The drama just keeps on Shortland Street this October!

Relationships will be tested, secrets uncovered and romance is in the air as we preview the top stories hitting your screens this month. 

The tension has been simmering for months and things are finally about to reach boiling point on Shortland Street.

Vasa Levi  and Zac Smith have managed to keep the news of their affair under wraps but this October,  a guilt ridden Vasa wonders if it’s time to come clean.

However when Vasa finally confesses all to Zac’s girlfriend Sarah Potts, she’s not prepared for what happens next.

As the word filters through the hospital, colleagues begin taking sides and both Zac and Vasa find themselves under attack and HoD of Nursing Vasa faces mutiny as some of her staff turn against her

This personal conflict is about to get professional!

Meanwhile Sarah is left reeling at the news of Zac’s betrayal.

Hurting, she turns to the one person who’s always been there for her- ex-husband TK Samuels.

As he supports her after the break up with Zac, Sarah’s surprised to find old feelings re-emerging.

A close moment between them has Sarah wondering if she hasn’t moved on from TK after all.

After everything they’ve been through, are these two finally destined for a romantic reunion?


Lana Jacobs’s commitment to the cause threatens her fledgling relationship with Josh Gallagher this month on Shortland Street.

The arrival of childhood friends Kylie and Emma has put a dampener on Lana’s new relationship with Josh. 

With the trio setting out to expose Boyd Rolleston for his perceived crime, it doesn’t take long for the girls’ unusual behaviour to raise Josh’s suspicions. 

He confronts Lana about their attitude toward Boyd and Lana tries to come clean without betraying her friends.

But with their ill feelings toward Boyd increasingly obvious, the tension at work and the flat becomes unbearable and a frustrated Josh is forced to issue Lana with an ultimatum – choose between her friends and their secrets or him!

Intern Paige Munroe has turned around since her addiction to ADHD medication Roytocin nearly ended her promising medical career.

Paige’s fragile confidence has held her back since returning to Shortland Street hospital but this month she finally feels like she’s getting on track.

Just as she makes a decision about her future, she’s thrown by the arrival of her ruthless uncle Shane Tucker who he reveals his own lofty ambitions for Paige’s career.

Family pressure has pushed Paige to the edge before, will Shane’s arrival destabilise her once again?


New nurse Emma Franklin  refuses to give up on her quest for justice for Julia this month and she’s secretly pleased when an opportunity arises to get up close to prime suspect Boyd Rolleston.

After an infectious outbreak, the pair end up in quarantine at Boyd’s house and Emma jumps at the chance to investigate him further.

But when her snooping uncovers incriminating evidence against Boyd, Emma realises too late she might be in the one in danger.

Could Boyd really be a cold blooded killer?


Brooke Freeman has survived it all: from a fiery car crash, being accused of murder, being shot to most recently being imprisoned in a cupboard by her delusional sister Bree Hamilton.

But this month she’s joined by a new flatmate who might just push her to the very limit - Sarah’s baby daughter Tillie Potts!

A lonely Brooke is initially delighted when the chance arises to flat with Sarah but the reality of living with a young child soon proves too much.

As Brooke battles sleep deprivation and baby toys, she starts to regret her hasty decision.

Has she finally met her match?


Lovelorn teen Jasmine Cooper finally gets what she’s been wishing for this October but she’s about to learn that the course of true love never runs smoothly, especially in Ferndale!

She’s been fostering a not-so-secret crush on Colombian exchange student Angel since he arrived but with Angel clearly uninterested, Jasmine has had to make do with having him as a friend and spiritual advisor.

However this month, Jasmine’s persistence pays off when Angel comes to the realisation that Jasmine really is the girl for him. 

Jasmine is elated when Angel confesses his feelings but her hopes are quickly crushed when he reveals a very big reason why they can’t be together!

You won’t want to miss a moment of Shortland Street this October!


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