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Slip into your party gears, hang the balloons and streamers, and ice the cake, Shortland Street's 20th birthday month has arrived!

May is going to be a massive month as we pull out all the stops to celebrate 20 years on television. 

As announced previously, we kick it all off with the return of the Winter Season on Monday 7th May which will see an extra 30 minutes of drama each Monday night.

In addition to this we can also reveal that there will be a thrilling feature length episode on Monday 21st May and a hilarious never-seen-before Shorty Bloopers show which will screen as part of the birthday celebrations as well.


With so much happening, here's just a taster of just some of the drama we have lined up for you in May....

Ever since Shortland Street's very first episode, we've known surgeon Chris Warner has an eye for the ladies.

This month his reputation as Ferndale's resident Dr Love will backfire on him as his scheming stalker Hayley O'Neill sets out to finally lure him into her clutches.

Her conniving ways seem to have everyone fooled and when she sets out to make everyone in Ferndale believe that she and Chris are having an affair, her plan succeeds. 

A horrified Chris tries desperately to convince Rachel that Hayley's accusations are untrue but his former womanizing ways have Rachel and his son Phoenix believing the worst.

With a furious girlfriend and a jealous son, it's only a matter of time before family tensions in the Warner household are set to explode.

As we roll into May, Vasa Levi's secret affair with Zac Smith is heating up.

Vasa has always been unlucky in love so when she caught Zac's eye, she couldn't resist his charms, even though he's shacked up with her workmate Sarah Potts.

While Vasa wrestles with guilt over betraying a friend and colleague, Zac seems to have no misgivings about cheating on his girlfriend.

As Zac starts pushing his luck, flirting with Vasa at work and giving her expensive presents, how much longer will they be able to keep their affair under wraps?

And what will the fallout be if news of their affair gets out?

Newly single gals Lana Jacobs and Nicole Miller are ready to mingle but as these friends and flatmates grow closer, Nicole starts getting a little too invested in Lana's life.

After butting in on Lana's date with an attractive new man, Nicole is forced to realise her interest in Lana might be more than just friendly.

As Nicole juggles with her romantic attraction to her flatmate, the nagging question is whether Lana will return her feelings or is Nicole setting herself up for heartbreak all over again?

Our 20th birthday month sees the exciting return of some of Shortland Street's most loved characters.

First to arrive in Ferndale are the Jeffries family - Yvonne, Maia, Tania, Libby, Gerald and JJ will all return in May and it isn't long before they are right back in the thick of all the drama.

But it's not only old faces that are turning up in Ferndale over the next couple of weeks. There will also be new doctor turning heads and bringing change galore to Shortland Street hospital.

Check back with the website over the next couple of weeks as we announce more familiar faces from the past!

And the drama just keeps coming as May will also see one of the biggest stunt sequences in Shortland Street history.

Producer Steven Zanoski gave us a hint to some of the action behind the scenes, revealing "we had all sorts of amazing hardware delivered to our art sheds and everything is being kept top secret."

We'll also be celebrating with a HUGE party so keep watching to find out how you can join in with the celebrations!

You won't want to miss a moment of Shortland Street in May!

Celebrating 20 years of drama on Shortland Street