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TK Samuels is played by Ben Mitchell - Shortland Street TV2

Lee Donoghue plays Hunter McKay on Shortland Street TV2

Sworn to secrecy - Regan knows Jill's secrets - Shortland Street TV2

Hunter and Jill - Shortland Street TV2

Shortland Street's favourite watering hole, The I.V

Ula is attracted to bad boy Holden - Shortland Street TV2

Ido Drent plays Daniel Potts on Shortland Street TV2

Chris Warner and Rachel McKenna

Peter Mochrie plays Callum McKay - Shortland Street TV2

You'll never miss an episode of Shortland Street!

It's May on Shortland Street and avid followers of the show will know that means only one thing - Winter Season time!

Each May we reward you, our loyal viewers, with a double dose of your favourite drama each Monday night, right throughout winter.

So when it's cold and dark outside, and you're warm and snug inside, here's what to expect this May on Shortland Street.

2011 is shaping up to be one epic year for TK Samuels.

Having recently found true love after the heartbreak of his bust-up with Sarah Potts, TK wants to commit to a life with Roimata Ngatai - or does he? 

This month, when Sarah comes clean about her desire to be with TK and for him to be a full-time Dad to their unborn child, TK finds himself conflicted.

He loves Roimata, but Sarah will always have a hold on him - and she's the mother-to-be of his firstborn.

Roimata is strong, beautiful and of the same culture - they have so many life goals in common and a glittering future ahead of them.

So which tug at the heartstrings will he answer?

Torn between two feisty women - TK makes a dramatic decision - one which will draw a line in the sand once and for all.

Meanwhile, check out Shortland Street's glorious new winter promo series featuring the star-crossed trio as you have never seen them before.

Set in a 1940's Jazz club, the new ad campaign paints a picture of TK and his two ladies that will leave audiences wondering just what the winter one-hour episodes could be building toward and what decision TK is set to make. 

Check back soon for more behind the scenes info about our promo shoot.

Hunter McKay's over his med-school jitters and back in the game, now that he's nicely dosed up on fellow student Paige's ADHD meds.

When he couldn't cope with the long hours and gruelling study schedule of his hospital placement, Hunter resorted to taking caffeine pills, then drugs to get him through.

All the while, he's been trying to maintain a normal relationship with Shorty Street nurse Jill Kingsbury.

This May, something's got to give as Hunter finds it increasingly difficult to keep all the balls in the air.

Neglecting Jill, his erratic behaviour, fatigue and burst of energy don't go un-noticed.

How long will it be before he gets sprung? And with Jill sidelined, guess who is poised to mop up her tears?

And we learn more about Jill's ex Regan Ames this month, as he involves gullible IV barman Brodie in a shady deal.

Leaning on Brodie to store some 'building supplies' (which are actually stolen goods) in the IV, Regan swears to a suspicious Brodie that it's all legit.

But off Daniel Potts' advice, Brodie susses that Regan isn't telling him the whole truth.

Confronting him for some answers, he threatens to turn Regan in to the cops.

Then Brodie is flabbergasted to hear of Regan's cancer diagnosis.

Will the good-hearted Brodie buy the story and play right into Regan's hands?

Recently, newlyweds Scotty and Tracey made a life-changing decision and decided to start trying for a baby.

But the reality is quite different to the dream, as the pair find it impossible to schedule any 'couple' time!

Shift-work and the demands on Scotty as Head of Nursing mean there's a distinct lack of loving.

So after days of no action, a determined Tracey drags Scotty away in his break - on the day when a difficult patient makes a complaint.

With Scotty nowhere to be found, the problem reaches CEO Callum McKay's ears.

Hauled into the boss' office later that day, Scotty is forced into an embarrassing 'please explain'.

Furious that his reputation has been compromised, Scotty is also less than thrilled to be the subject of nurses' gossip!

However, the hope remains that before long, there may be the patter of little feet in the Scott household.

Fresh from the humiliation of coming second best to Jasmine for Phoenix Raynor's attention, this month gorgeous Ula Levi hooks up with an older man. 

When she meets Holden at the IV she does her best to draw his attention. And who could resist this beautiful teen?

Certain her Dad Maxwell would not approve, Ula hides her new infatuation from him.

Feeling very sophisticated, she states to an incredulous Jasmine that she's done with 'boys' and has moved on to 'men'.

But has Ula bitten off more than she can chew with this 'man'?

As Holden shows his true colours, Ula wonders if she is out of her depth and about to learn the hard way that playing 'grown ups' is not all it is cracked out to be.

Self-confessed computer geek Daniel Potts' hard work looks set to pay off this month, when a software giant steps in to offer him a bundle of cash. 

Having worked hard on a software programme for surgical tourism, Daniel impresses with his innovative idea.

What follows is a deal that could set him up for life - and he'd be able to help out his (broke) and pregnant mum, Sarah.

Is he Ferndale's next millionaire in the making?

May sees a battle for the swivelly chair - as Chris Warner and Rachel McKenna plot to unseat Callum McKay as CEO.

With a dossier of examples of Callum's 'mismanagement' over the years, they convince the DHB to reconsider Callum's role.

But before they have time to gloat, they learn there's a second coup in the wind.

They're about to discover they're all pawns in a bigger game!

Also this month:

We're thrilled to welcome back a former cast member!
We can't reveal (yet) who it is, but this person is set to cause ripples in the close-knit Shortland Street family. Check back soon!

Winston gives Brooke the creeps when he lets slip that he knows more about her background than he should.

And coming very soon - we're rolling out a new look for the official Shortland Street website.
Plus we're bringing you lots of new behind-the-scenes video and cast interviews.
There will be new video each day for a few weeks, so keep checking our Video Extras,

We told you it was a MASSIVE May on Shortland Street!