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Shortland Street

Weeknights at 7pm | TV2

Coming up in January

Brooke (Beth Allen) with sister Brie (Rachael Blampied) - Shortland Street on TV2

Frankie Adams plays Ula - Shortland Street on TV2

Hunter cradles an injured Jill - Shortland Street on TV2

Chris (Michael Galvin) checks up on Gabrielle (Virginie Le Brun) - Shortland Street on TV2

It's going to be a massive year for Shortland Street as we look forward to celebrating the show's 20th Anniversary in May 2012.

As the show returns in January, the aftermath of the botched pharmacy robbery leaves Shortland Street staff reeling as they race to save the lives of two of their own.

With both Jill and Daniel's lives hanging in the balance, who will survive?

Meanwhile Hunter struggles with his overwhelming guilt over the tragic events.

Is it the final wake up call he needs or will guilt drive Hunter further toward self destruction?

In denial about the possibility of being pregnant, Ula hides her worries from her parents and boyfriend Tom. 

Scared and alone, Ula turns to someone quite surprising for support during her time of need.

But will her reliance on this person lead him to think that there might be more to their relationship than just friendship? Ula's set to make her own life incredibly complicated in 2012.

With Callum dealing with his son's addiction and the fall out from the heartbreaking events of December, Rachel steps in to run Shortland Street in his absence.

She reintroduces the 2IC position and ever ambitious Brooke is quick to put herself forward for the role.

Desperate to impress Rachel, Brooke is determined to stop anyone, even her new found sister Bree, from getting in her way.

Vinnie is appalled to witnesses Brooke's calculating behaviour toward her sister.

Will Brooke's ruthless ambition killed any chance she might have had with Vinnie?

Personal and professional collide as Chris and Gabrielle return to work after their fling.

As Chris struggles to choose between girlfriend Rachel and old flame Gabrielle, his own indecision comes back to bite him when Rachel becomes acting CEO.

This love triangle threatens to boil over into their professional lives and Shortland Street's resident Dr Love will be forced to face up to the damage that his philandering ways have on his family.

Also, don't miss the return of someone from the past who will get the hearts of many a Shortland Street pounding.

It's a heart-wrenching month of drama - with plenty of excitement thrown into the mix when Shortland Street returns for a brand new year on January 16.