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Mike Edward plays Zac Smith - Shortland Street on TV2

Beulah Koale plays Jared - Shortland Street on TV2

The girls get together for a wine - Shortland Street on TV2

Pua Magasiva plays Vinnie - Shortland Street on TV2

Sam Bunkall plays Boyd Rolleston - Shortland Street on TV2

Toby Leach plays Seth - Shortland Street on TV2

There's plenty more shocks in store for Shortland Street this February.

Read on for our exclusive pick of the top stories coming to you this month!


February starts with a dramatic showdown as Zac Smith looks to get his revenge on his nemesis TK Samuels.

With his friends at Shortland Street dwindling, Zac decides it’s time to take drastic action to put TK and his enemies in their place.

Zac’s evil schemes will leave the life of one Ferndale resident in jeopardy and time is running out to save them.

With the police and concerned friends racing to save his latest victim, will Zac finally be called to account for his shocking crimes?


They say friends and finances shouldn’t mix but for Lana Jacobs and her two  besties  Emma  Franklin and Kylie Brown things are about to get complicated this February.

They’ve stuck together through potential murder, family betrayal and suspicion but it looks like financial strife may finally break them up for good.

Emma and Lana become concerned by Kylie’s money woes so they reach out to try and help with her struggles.

But they’re both shocked when Kylie makes a rash financial decision that will affect all of them!

As they scramble to clean up Kylie’s mess, it seems money troubles may be the final straw for this trio.

Phoenix Warner was initially eager to bring Jared Afeaki into the Warner home, but this month sees him beginning to regret the new arrival.

Seeing Jared down on his luck, Phoenix felt responsible for Jared joining the gang and was keen to help him with a new start.

But just as Jared becomes part of the family, Phoenix comes down with a serious case of sibling rivalry!

Feeling overlooked by his family, Phoenix tries throwing a party to impress his friends but Jared shows up and steals his thunder once again.

Fed up with Jared outshining him, Phoenix lashes out with some unpleasant home truths.

Has Jared outstayed his welcome?

Since his return to Shortland Street in 2011, party boy and former lady-killer Vinnie Kruse has reformed his ways.

While he still enjoys a good party, these days Vinnie’s strictly a one woman guy. 

However events in February have him wondering if he’s slipped back into old habits.

After a drunken night out, Vinnie finds himself in compromising situation with someone who definitely isn’t his girlfriend!

Unable to remember the events of the night before, Vinnie is left questioning if he has really crossed the line and betrayed Emma.

Is this dog up to his old tricks?

Nicole Miller has been unlucky in love since breaking up with her beau Maxwell Avia.

After a failed fling with Lana Jacobs, the bisexual nurse has been flying solo for almost a year, but this month finally sees a potential romance on the horizon for Nicole.

She’s surprised to discover a romantic connection with surgeon Boyd Rolleston after the two bond over their mutual workplace ambitions.

It looks like there could be a Valentine’s romance in store for this unlikely couple.


It’s a clash of public versus private this month as CEO Rachel McKenna and DHB rep Seth Packhurst go head to head over the direction of Shortland Street.

In one corner, Rachel is determined to expand the hospital’s profitable private initiatives like the surgical tourism scheme, while in another a scheming Seth seems determined to thwart her plans at every turn.

Soon both Sarah Potts and her flatmate and colleague Brooke Freeman find themselves pawns in Rachel and Seth’s power struggle and their recent friendship is put to the test.

And the battle for control goes into overdrive as Sarah uncovers secretive plans for the hospital which threaten the very future of Shortland Street.

Will she be able to save her beloved hospital?


The drama just keeps on coming this February so make sure you don’t miss a moment!

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