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TK, Roimata and Josh - Shortland Street on TV2

Bella and Luke get serious - Shortland Street on TV2

Vasa looks after Gus - Shortland Street on TV2

Mike Edward plays Zac Smith in Shortland Street on TV2

Jasmine and Angel - Shortland Street on TV2

With only two weeks until Shortland Street’s season finale on Friday 14 December, prepare for an epic end to a spectacular birthday year!

We give you a taste of just some of the drama that’s about to hit your screens this December!


In the last weeks of 2012, Roimata Samuels and her husband TK are about to realise their nightmare is far from over.

After a break-in at the home, the couple are disturbed to learn that the sexual assault against Roimata wasn’t random and that the offender appears to be targeting them.  

As an unknown assailant plays mind games with the pair, TK becomes increasingly distraught and it’s his co-worker Josh Gallagher who gets caught up in TK’s fury.

TK grows suspicious of all the time Josh is spending with his wife and his odd behaviour around Roimata begins to prompt questions from others too.

Is Josh developing feelings for her or is it something more sinister….?


December finds future husband and wife Luke Durville and Bella Cooper in the midst of wedding planning hell. 

The wedding of the year is lining up to be the disaster of the year after an unfortunate mix-up leads to a wedding without a venue or wedding suppliers!

Luke, Bella and her family are left scrambling to put together a wedding at short notice.

But with everything that’s gone wrong so far, Bella begins to get cold feet

As much as she loves Luke, she starts to wonder if their union is cursed and debates calling off the whole affair.

Will true love win out or will fate conspire to put stop to Luke and Bella’s wedding?


Unlucky in love Vasa Levi has finally found love but at what cost?

Her bond with dying cancer patient Gus Afeaki has blossomed into romance but with his time running out, Vasa faces criticism from all sides.

With her shock decision to take Gus into her home alienating her family and infuriating her boss, hospital CEO Rachel McKenna, a stubborn Vasa ignores all warnings and prepares to look after Gus right up until the end.

But when son Jared and his family arrive unexpectedly to take him to the hospice for his final days, Vasa faces the prospect of losing Gus as well.

With her job on the line and her family abandoning her, Vasa risks losing it all for love…


Jasmine Cooper’s romance with Columbian exchange student Angel Souza has been rocky but this month Jasmine is forced to go to extreme lengths order to keep her man.

When she learns that Angel is booked to return to Columbia, a devastated Jasmine is determined to join him.

With help from Phoenix, she hatches a secret plan that will ensure they stay together.

But with opposition from everyone around them, will this teen couple overcome the odds?


Zac Smith tries worming his way into Sarah Potts’ life this month on Shortland Street.

Since his infidelity with Vasa was exposed, Zac Smith has been persona non grata at with his colleagues at the hospital, especially with ex-girlfriend Sarah.

But when he senses that Sarah is softening to him, he sees his chance and goes on a charm offensive in order to woo her back.

But despite his best efforts with Sarah, her friends are wary of his intentions and aren’t shy about calling him out, especially Sarah’s new BFF Seth Packhurst.

Sarah once again finds herself caught in the middle but this time she has to decide what’s best for her, independence or her relationship with Zac?

Plus we’ll be building to an epic final week of Shortland Street from Monday 10th December  which promises a thrilling mix of mystery, drama and romance as well as surprises galore!  You won’t want to miss a moment as we prepare to farewell an amazing 2012 on Friday 14th December!


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