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Bree clashes with her mother Annette - Shortland Street on TV2

Michael Galvin as Chris Warner - Shortland Street on TV2

Josh (Chris Tempest) with Lana (Brooke Williams) - Shortland Street on TV2

Tyler Read plays Evan Cooper in Shortland Street on TV2

Ben Mitchell plays TK - Shortland Street on TV2

Mike Edwards plays Zac Smith in Shortland Street on TV2

Spring is just around the corner and relationships are hotting up in Shortland Street this month.

There’s a whole lot of drama coming your way so read on for our pick of the biggest stories this August!


Bree Hamilton’s reunion with her mother Annette Freeman goes from bad to dreadful this month on Shortland Street.

Stung by Annette’s rejection, a vengeful Bree secretly declares war on her mother.

With Bree’s devious nature, there’s no telling just how far she will go.

Prepare for this mother-daughter relationship to take a shocking turn, as Bree sets out to get her revenge on mummy dearest.

He’s always been Shortland Street’s golden boy but Chris Warner is about to realise that life may never been the same again.

After months in jail for a crime he didn’t commit, Chris Warner is relieved to return home to his family.

But he soon realises that life back on the outside isn’t going to be easy as he struggles to regain a sense of normality. 

As Rachel and the boys rally around him, Chris can’t shake his anxiety about returning to work and the familiar old routines.

After everything he’s been through, can Chris ever be the man he was?

There’s a spicy new arrival in the Cooper household this month.

Wendy decides to take on a homestay student to help save money now that she’s on her own. 

Evan’s not so keen on the idea until he spots a picture of an attractive South American student called Angel.

Keen to make a good impression on Angel, Evan goes all out to make a special effort for her arrival.

But he’s in for a big surprise when Angel finally arrives on their doorstep!

No stranger to keeping a secret, Vasa Levi has been keeping a very big one from her daughter Ula - she’s still seeing Ula’s son Adam, against her wishes.

Desperate to hide the truth from her daughter, Vasa’s replaced one deception with another, pretending her affair with Zac Smith is back on again in order to cover her visits with her grandson.

Tired of carrying her mother’s secret and sick of Zac’s bullying, this month Ula finally cracks and reveals all to her uncle Vinnie who is furious with Vasa for putting them all in a difficult position.

As pressure from her family mounts, Vasa finally decides to come clean.

But as her web of secrets and lies are revealed, will Vasa have anyone left to stand by her? 


Daniel Potts has returned from Samoa, hoping for a fresh start and a chance to build bridges with ex-girlfriend Lana Jacobs.

But as Daniel tries to work his way back into Lana’s good books – a new contender for her heart emerges – ED doc Josh Gallagher.

The trio end up working together, setting up a business venture for Daniel to sell imported shoes to hospital staff.

But while Daniel enjoys the opportunity to spend time with Lana, Lana and Josh find themselves getting closer as they put their heads together to assist Daniel’s pet project.

Soon romance begins clouding the boys’ business deal and Lana finds herself stuck in the middle as Daniel and Josh clash over control of the business…and possibly even Lana’s heart.

Daniel’s mum Sarah Potts also has a skirmish on her hands this month as the men in her life go head to head.

On the surface her boyfriend Zac Smith is perfect – handsome, caring and great with her daughter Tillie. But he’s hiding some very bad habits behind that charming grin.

Sarah’s ex-husband TK Samuels isn’t fooled and he certainly doesn’t trust Zac.

When the two find themselves working side by side in ED, it’s not long before Sarah’s current and former flames start butting heads.

Stay tuned as all the drama unfolds this August on Shortland Street!