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Shortland Street

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Classic Hits celebrates the Shorty wedding of the decade!

Chris and Rachel, Shortland Street

It’s coming! The Shorty wedding of the decade is almost upon us and Classic Hits is coming to the party!

In celebration of Chris Warner and Rachel McKenna’s impending nuptials, Classic Hits is giving one lucky winner and three of their friends the chance to watch the wedding episode before it goes to air. Best of all, you get to watch it with the actors who play Chris and Rachel, Michael Galvin and Angela Bloomfield.

The winner will get to come out to Shortland Street, take a tour of the studios and then sit back with some drinks and nibbles and have a chat to Ange and Michael as they watch the wedding episode before anyone else in the country. Sounds like a great way to spend an evening!

To find out more, head to or tune in to Classic Hits stations throughout the country to hear more.