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Christmas in Ferndale

The festive season is always eventful in Ferndale! Take a look back at some of Shorty's most memorable Christmases.


The first Christmas episode featured a troop of tap dancing elves whose minibus had crashed on the way to the school concert.  The elves were brought into Shortland Street to be assessed. Then their teacher insisted they practice their entire routine in the clinic's reception area for the entertainment of the New Zealand television audience.


Shortland Street's second Christmas saw the clinic colleagues and family singing carols.  The big question was; who was singing out of tune?


In the final week of 1995, a truck crashed into the hospital and Carmen was struck on the head.  She seemed fine and on Christmas day Guy proposed to her.  Moved, Carmen explained she wasn't the marrying kind, but she loved him and wanted to be with him forever.  Moments later, she collapsed and died leaving Guy and baby Tuesday alone and spoiling Christmas dinners across New Zealand. 


Barb Heywood proved her affection for Sticky at Christmas time by braving her fear of being in the wards to visit him when he was sick, dressed as an Xmas fairy.


It was a relatively quiet Xmas in the grand scheme of Ferndale in 2006. This gave Chris Warner plenty of time to spend time decorating the Xmas tree with son Harry. Cute!


When Gerald Tippett suggested a Christmas party, serial killer Joey Henderson was quick to get on board with the idea. Having everyone at The IVgave him more freedom to plan his next victim………Meanwhile, the rest of the staff got right into the festive spirit.


At the Christmas party at a vineyard, Yvonne and Ben finally made their relationship public and received (mostly) good wishes from the rest of the staff.


Scotty's battle with PTSD had developed into a series illness which led him to believe that Tracey was actually an impostor. Returning home to see the ‘impostor’ (in actual fact it was the real Tracey) with some reindeer antlers on her head, Scotty finally lost all control and tried to kill his fiancée.


Bella discovered her Xmas costume was a stripper outfit but  wore it anyway. When Luke passionately kissed Bella in the lift, he lost his balance when the doors opened. Grabbing the costume to hold himself up, he accidentally tore half her outfit off! Bella and Luke were left embarrassed to be caught in a compromising situation.


Nate played Santa Claus at the Xmas party at the Warners' Bach, but also caused some mischief.


Kylie hosted the Men of Ferndale pageant at the IV and felt the need to be suitably festive, choosing a rather fetching Mrs Claus costume as her outfit.


This year, Vinnie and Michael got into the spirit too, dressing up as Santa and his elf. Sadly, when crazed gunman Gareth entered the hospital, the festivities took an unfortunate turn!