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Chris Warner's women

Long-term ladies' man, Chris Warner has been a busy boy over the last 20 years! And while he tries to win back his current wife Rachel, we take a look back at the ladies before her!

The Marriages

Chris married his first wife Melanie before Shortland Street began. She made a brief appearance on the show, creating friction between Chris and his love interest Alison Raynor (Danielle Cormack).

Chris's first real love was the naïve nurse from the country, Alison Raynor (1). They were engaged twice. On the eve of their second attempt at marriage (at his stag night), Chris's drink was spiked by Daryl Nielsen who locked the briedgroom-to-be in a barn. Chris missed his wedding and Alison believed she had been left at the altar.

Chris's second wife was Tiffany Pratt played by Alison James (2). Shortly after marrying her, he accepted a job in a private clinic in America, promising Tiffany would join him once he was settled in. But before she arrived, Chris met up with Alison again and fell in love with her all over again. He divorced Tiffany and finally married Alison only to cheat on her as well. The marriage eventually ended in an acrimonious divorce and Chris returned to New Zealand.

Chris nearly married imposter Lily (Jodie Rimmer,3), who was posing as his childhood friend Samara Hindmarsh. It wasn't until a suspicious Rachel McKenna (Angela Bloomfield) tracked down the real Samara's parents that Samara/ Lily was exposed as a fraud - just as they were about to be married.

Chris's meaningless affair with nurse Toni Thompson (Laura Hill,4) became a little bit more significant when Toni fell pregnant. Chris and Toni didn't seem destined to be a couple, but did their best to be good parents to their son Harry.
But when they found themselves working together in Fiji, sparks flew again between Chris and Toni and they were married on 2005.
Sadly, however the relationship didn't last. Chris and Toni were trying to make it work one last time when she tragically died from kidney failure in 2008.

The Significant Others

Marriage hasn't stopped Dr Warner from straying on the odd occasion. Check out this list!

In the first episode of Shortland Street in 1992, Chris Warner was seen in a compromising position with a married gym instructor played by Suzy Aitken but it was just a meaningless fling.

Chris was then involved with ambulance officer and nurse Rebecca Frost.

Rachel McKenna was determined to save Chris from Samara because she was in love with him. After she saved him from Samara, he and Rachel fell in love, becoming Shortland Street's golden couple. However, when it was revealed that Chris had had an affair with Toni, their relationship begin to disintegrate.

Chris then found comfort with good friend Donna Heka (Stephanie Tauevihi,5) who had always supported him through the years. Chris and Donna's friendship turned to love and Chris left Rachel.
He and Donna were blissfully happy together, forming a comfortable family unit with Donna's ward Tash and (on a part-time basis) baby Harry.

Until.., jealous of the attention Donna was giving to her old flame Victor Kahu, he had a one night stand with Tash's teacher Carmel.

By the early 2000's Chris was still looking for love in all the wrong places.

His affair with Harry's gorgeous nanny Siobhan (Siobhan Marshall,6)compromised his custody arrangements with Toni and ended when he became attracted to newcomer Lucy Swinton (Sally Stockwell).
Although, the revelation that Lucy was really the girlfriend of arch enemy Dominic Thompson (Shane Cortese) nipped that relationship in the bud.

Dr Love seemed to have settled down for good and left his bad-boy ways behind him when he married Toni Thompson.

Then Dr Justine Jones (Lucy Wigmore,7) arrived on the scene and they embarked on a tempestuous affair. Chris had to worry about whether Justine and her husband Dr Callum McKay (Peter Mochrie) would reveal his betrayal to Toni.

Ironically, his marriage to Toni was finally destroyed when old flame, Rachel McKenna (Angela Bloomfield) arrived back in town briefly in 2007.
Inevitably, they wound up remembering the days of old - in bed - only to have Toni Warner crash their party and catch them inflagrante.

Toni then took off with their son Harry and Chris' brother Guy, leaving Chris distraught. Luckily, he was able to mend his vaguely broken heart with Detective Lara Wade (Anna Henare,8) , the police woman who was brought in to investigate the notorious Ferndale strangler.
However, when Lara was unable to prevent Joey Henderson from jumping off a building, she began to question her ability as a police officer and packed up and left town leaving Chris alone again.

Vixen doctor Brooke Freeman (9) arrived on the scene shortly after Toni died and saw a chance to see get in with the wealthy Dr. Warner.
However her inability to bond with Chris' son, Harry, plus her strange and sadistic relationship with former boyfriend, Ethan Pierce soon put paid to this relationship.

Long-suffering PA Libby Jeffries (10) had waited patiently in the wings for her boss ot notice her interest in him. After a few minor hiccups (Chris, after waking up from a hard night of drinking, discovered Libby snuggled up with him), Dr Love finally realised that there was more to his assistant that meets the eye and they began a relationship. But it wasn't to be for poor Libby. The arrival of a new doctor in Ferndale soon put paid to her dreams of being the next Mrs Warner.

Aspergers sufferer, Dr Gabrielle Jacobs (11) may have been slightly unusual, but she was the equal to Chris on so many levels, he couldn't help but be interested. Gabrielle's bluntness made it a quirky relationship, but Chris fell madly in love, breaking Libby's heart in the process. But in the end, Gabrielle became the first woman to break Chris's heart. When offered a job overseas, she assumed that Chris would come with her, but when he refused, she left regardless leaving him broken-hearted.

Zoe Archer (12) was the mother of a deaf child that Chris was performing surgery on and although it blurred the lines of doctor/patient regulations, Chris started a relationship with her. But Zoe wound up in bed with Chris' cousin Isaac halting any further possibility of their relationship continuing,

By this time, Rachel McKenna was back in town and had made it clear she was still interested. Initially, Chris refused Rachel insisting that his relationship with Gabrielle was water-tight, but with Gabrielle gone, there was nothing to stop Rachel and Chris reconecting. After Chris rescued Rachel from a burning building, they finally realised that they were meant to be together. Rachel moved in with Chris, Harry and Phoenix and they settled in to the role of playing stepmother.

Gabrielle Jacob's return to Ferndale in 2011 ruffled a few feathers in the Warner/McKenna household. With her forthright manner, Gabrielle made it clear to Chris that she was still interested. Despite being happily settled with Rachel, Chris still battled with his attraction for Gabrielle and by Xmas of 2011, he finally caved and fell into bed with his former flame. Gabrielle was quick to reveal all to Rachel who was heartbroken.

The One?

And now we come to Chris's fifth wife, Rachel. While the two have been on-and-off for years, can they overcome their latest crisis and get their marriage back on track? Or is it about time Chris was single for a while?