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Chris Warner's kids

Chris and Phoenix clash - Shortland Street on TV2

Carrie Burton's triplets were fathered by Chris Warner - Shortland Street on TV2

Harry Warner with mum Toni - Shortland Street on TV2

With Chris is about to become a father for the fifth time, we thought we'd take a look back at his various paths to fatherhood.

Carrie’s triplets

Carrie Burton was the Charge Nurse back in the early days of Shortland Street. Carrie’s biological clock was ticking and she decided to have children on her own.  Several of her colleagues offered to be the father, but as none were men that Carrie wanted permanently in her life she decided to set things up so that no one would know who the father of her triplets was.  Steve Mills was convinced they were his children, but they were in fact Chris Warner’s offspring. Carrie and her three children left for a new life in Australia after threats from her partner Declan's criminal associates.


Harry Warner

Nurse Toni Thompson’s party girl reputation was confirmed for many when she became pregnant – to either Chris or Adam Heywood. Interest in the baby’s paternity was high especially from Adam’s girlfriend Waverley, and Chris’ partner Rachel.  Chris suspected early on that Harry had ‘the Warner chin’ but it took a while to confirm that he was in fact the baby’s father.  Patience was never Rachel’s forte and in a memorable scene she took a DNA swab from Chris’s mouth while he slept and sent it for analysis. It was eventually revealed that Harry was indeed Chris’s son, but by that time he was with Donna. Eventually, Toni and Chris reconciled and married. For a time Harry had a complete family unit until his mother Toni passed away after contracting nonvirus when Harry was only six years old.


The arrival of a secret son - Phoenix

Chris was blindsided when a teenage boy arrived in triage claiming to be his son! Phoenix Raynor (Geordie Holibar) arrived on Ferndale with his Uncle Brian (Ian Mune) and announced that he was the son of Alison Raynor, one of Chris’ former wives. Tragically, Alison had recently drowned and elderly Uncle Brian was struggling to keep up with his teenage ward.

Initially, Chris was gobsmacked by the revelation that he now had a teenage son that he was completely unaware of, and Harry (Reid Walker), Chris’s other son took a long time to adjust to having an older brother, but Phoenix soon become a welcome part of the family.


Grace + Chris + Baby!

Only time will tell what the new little Warner will be like and in the meantime, how will Chris' youngest son Harry take the news that he's about to become a big brother? Keep watching to find out!


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