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Chris' new home revealed

It's a case of out with the old and in with the new on Shortland Street this week, when the Warner Mansion gets a snazzy new look.

And on board to help with the transformation are the stylish Republic Revolution duo Graham Dickie and Peter Reid.   Click here to read our EXCLUSIVE interview with the dynamic duo! 

On the show, Libby Jeffries (Fleur Saville) was dismayed when she accidentally started a fire in Chris Warner's (Michael Galvin) lounge.

In real life though, the incident provided a brilliant opportunity to modernise Chris' abode.

When celebrity stylists Graham and Peter, who own the Ponsonby shop Republic Home and also source a range of products available at the Warehouse, were asked get on board for the revamp, they were thrilled at the chance to get their teeth into such a challenging project. 

"Dr Warner's interior was looking very dated, so a make-over had to translate his success and fortune," says Graham. "We've given him a very sexy modern look with a mix of different design trends&Over-all it says Chris Warner."

The finished result is absolutely dashing and is made up of an array of styles, including retro, vintage and organics. This, in conjunction with state of the art Smeg appliances gives a very 'now' feel.

Not only did Peter and Graham help out behind the scenes, they also made a very special cameo on the show.

Playing themselves, Peter and Graham offer Libby some helpful advice, as she decides on her finishing touches.

So what tips can this fashionable pair give to people wanting to update their home's look?

"Painting a room always gives the most effect. A can of paint is not expensive and we have some great colour ranges available to us here in New Zealand," says Dickie. "Also, de-clutter or move your furniture around. A new placement can really make a room feel different."

Tune into Shortland Street this week to see the dashing new Warner mansion.

And check out for the photogallery of the transformation, plus a full list of where you can buy all the new items featured in Chris' home.