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Brooke's packed her bags

After a tumultuous six years in Ferndale, Brooke (Beth Allen) has decided to pack her bags for good and head to the United States for work.

We take a look back at her time on Shorty Street:

 The Men

When Brooke Freeman first arrived in Ferndale, she was only supposed to be at Shortland Street temporarily as a locum GP. She was a feisty, ambitious character who found being a GP particularly boring.

She dated her teacher Ethan Pierce who she fell madly for. She then moved on to Chris Warner in order to help get Ethan a promotion. This was one of the many times in which Brooke manipulated those around her.

She was left devastated when Ethan was murdered by Maia Jefferies, and Brooke nearly committed suicide.

Brooke then began dating the CEO at the time, Callum McKay. It wasn't long before she moved into his house and bonded with his children.

But when a hitman mistook her for Callum's estranged wife, Justine, Brooke only narrowly avoided death when she was shot.

Callum was then forced to choose between Brooke and Justine. Sadly for Brooke, he went back to his wife.  


After being pushed out of the apartment she shared with Maxwell, Brooke moved in with TK and developed feelings for him.

Brooke managed to manipulate Sarah into breaking up with TK, thinking that it was the best thing for him and paving the way for Brooke.

Brooke was infatuated by TK and was determined to keep him so she secretly tried to get pregnant to him. TK helped her deal with her alcoholic mother, Annette when she arrived in Ferndale, but he eventually broke up with Brooke due to her clinginess.

Brooke would later meet Alex who would steal her heart. The pair got engaged but Brooke's dodgy dealings came back to bite her and Alex ended their engagement.



Brooke hated working as a 'lowly' GP and her ambitious nature lead her down many different avenues.

She was once held hostage by a man who had a psychotic episode when Brooke misdiagnosed him.

She also dated her colleague Isaac Worthington who was just as ambitious as Brooke and would use any measure to get ahead. The pair went on to frame Luke Durville in order to get him fired, and Brooke stole research and passed it off as her own.

Brooke has also tried her hand at CEO on a couple of occasions, but failed to make it stick.




Brooke was the daughter of Grant Marsden, a wealthy businessman who went on to leave Brooke and her mother in financial ruin.

Brooke's half-sister, Bree, showed up in Ferndale hoping to get to know her.

Brooke was initially very stand-offish, but Bree eventually managed to wear her down and they became close.

When their mother Annette came back to Ferndale, she was cold towards Bree thinking that her daughter was unstable. So Bree attacked Annette one night and threw her down the stairs.

Bree managed to manipulate Brooke into thinking that her mother was drinking again, and Brooke made the decision to send her to rehab.



When Bree was mistaken for Brooke one day, she got a thrill from it and went on to steal Brooke's identity in order to become the person she looked up to.

And when Brooke found out what was going on, Bree attacked her and locked her in a shipping container.

Bree began to truly believe that she was Brooke, and it took Sarah to get through to her for them to find Brooke just in time.

Bree was then hit by a forklift but managed to survive, and Brooke was forced to make the difficult decision of sending Bree to a psych unit.



Brooke and Boyd started their union as a marriage of convenience after Brooke hatched a plan with Boyd's sister to get him disinherited from his family estate, allowing Boyd to continue his career in the medical field.

They eventually went on to truly love each other.


The couple certainly had their fair share of ups and downs.

Brooke finally fulfilled her dream of CEO of Shortland Street, but when she went into renal failure; their relationship was truly put to the test.

Thankfully it only brought them closer together, but their relationship was tested once more when Brooke's sister Bree returned. Boyd only wanted to save his wife from the stress and danger which Bree presented, but Brooke was torn by her sisterly duties.

After a rocky time, Brooke realised that she needed to give Bree the tough love treatment in order to save Bree from herself, and Brooke's marriage, but not before learning the truth behind the kidney that saved Brooke.

This isn't the only secret Brooke and Boyd shared; they also kept the secret of Chris's baby with Grace from Rachel.


Boyd decided they needed a real anniversary to celebrate, and not the date of their once-sham marriage. He decided to re-propose to Brooke and the two held a recommitment ceremony with their closest friends.


The Final Straw

With Brooke happily married and continuing on her job at Shortland Street, things began to unravel went she helped Boyd in his temporary role as CEO. Her scheming landed her in hot water with Rachel, and she was fired.

She went on to help the Warners out with their charity project, Mckenna House, where she met Eva.

Eva took her on as her business manager and the pair grew close. Meanwhile though, Eva was growing even closer to Boyd.

Boy and Eva began an affair and Boyd left Brooke to be with Eva.

Brooke discovered Eva's illegal business that was the cause of a deadly disease.

Working with Sarah, Brooke set out to take down Eva while Sarah developed a cure.

When Sarah did find one, the disease took Sarah too.

Brooke was left devastated, and without a job or her husband, all she had left was Sarah's research.

She was determined to find a buyer worthy of Sarah's research who would distribute it freely throughout the world. Boyd set out to help her and the two grew close again.

But when Brooke was offered a job in the United States, she decided to take it and leave her life (and love) in Ferndale behind.