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Shortland Street

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Black sheep of the family

Simon London plays Rafe Durville

Luke Durville in the Shortland Street staff-room

A familiar face joins the cast of Shortland Street this week, when local actor Simon London takes on the role of Rafe Durville.

The polar opposite from his kooky anaesthetist brother Luke (Gerald Urquhart), Rafe is quick to make his mark on Ferndale.

Christchurch born London, whose credits include Go Girls, The Cult, Legend of the Seeker and The Bill, says he has enjoyed the challenge of working on Shortland Street.

"The show provides a great opportunity to learn, if you approach it in the right way, because it is such a demanding environment and quite unique in the way that it works," says London. "I've found it to be a really rewarding experience so far."

Playing the part of Rafe Durville, an enthusiastic, energetic and motivated individual, London says he can relate to his character in many ways.

"We both believe in taking action and getting involved in the world around us," says London. "Rafe's a bit of rascal. He isn't one to sit back and observe. He loves engaging with life."

Onscreen brothers Rafe and Luke couldn't get more different, but despite their differences, London believes the pair share a close bond.

"Though their relationship is sometimes tested, I think Luke and Rafe really respect each other," says London. "They come from quite a unique family, so they are used to standing together against the world. I think they respect each other's choices in life."

Filming on both location and in-studio, London says working on Shortland Street has been an experience to remember.

"One memorable day we shot at this old rambling homestead in Oratia," says London. "My onscreen brother Luke's passion for taxidermy made for quite a strange set! Trying to play scenes with rows of paralysed animals staring at us was quite fun."


Catch Simon as the dashing and debonair Rafe Durville in upcoming episodes of Shortland Street.

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