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Ido Drent plays Daniel Potts on Shortland Street TV2

Pearl McGlashan plays Jasmine Cooper - Shortland Street TV2

As well as the Aotearoa Film & Television Awards, it's clearly the season for celebrating local talent with several other special awards ceremonies happening around New Zealand and Shortland Street in the mix to win all sorts of fabulous awards!

Girlfriend Magazine is hosting the Girlfriend Faves Forever 2011 Awards and in these inaugural awards, Shorty is up for several prizes.

Ido Drent (Daniel Potts) is nominated for Celeb Male of 2011

Frankie Adams (Ula Levi) is nominated for Celeb Female of 2011

Pearl McGlashan (Jasmine Cooper) is nominated for Up & Coming Actor of  2011

Geordie Holibar
(Phoenix Raynor) is nominated for Up & Coming  Actor of 2011

Plus Shortland Street is nominated for TV Show OF 2011

These awesome awards are kicking off in the October issue of Girlfriend magazine (out now) - and you can also vote for your 'Faves Forever' at

The winners of these awards will be announced at the official Girlfriend Faves Forever 2011 awards ceremony to be held on 1 December, 2011 in Auckland, so stay tuned to hear out how we did!

AND well-known kids show What Now is also holding their own awards for 2011 - the What Now Awards, or the Nowies as they are better known.

Ido Drent (Daniel Potts) is up for Favourite TV Star and Shortland Street is up for Favourite TV show.

Watch What Now on Sunday mornings to hear more, or  visit their website to vote !

The winners will be announced on Sunday, December 18th.

Good luck to everyone at Shortland Street who is up for an award in any of the awards ceremonies! We salute you!

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