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Shortland Street

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August on Shorty Street

You've been waiting for this all winter - but are Pania's demons finally catching up with her or are her deadly ways set to continue?

Pania seems to have gotten away with murder – but she can't shake her inner ghosts! With Kylie hot on her heels, she accidentally shows her true colours to TK and the evidence begins to fall into place.

When TK confronts her, Pania flees in a panic, stealing a car with Tillie inside. With lives on the line, will a confession of love mean TK will be able to save his daughter?

Leanne meets a handsome stranger who asks her to a fancy Shortland Street dinner as his date. She quickly becomes smitten with Howard, who starts showering her with gifts. Nicole begins to worry about his intentions but can't find any proof that something is amiss. When Howard surprises Leanne with a new car, Nicole is adamant that there is something fishy going on and sets out to find the truth.

When Pixie is asked to join the Warner's on a family getaway at their bach, she jumps at the chance to spend time with Harry.  As love continues to blossom, Harry's life if left hanging in the balance after a tragic accident. An accident that is set to devastate the lives of many in Ferndale!

Things for the Hannah's should be looking up, but Margaret's spending problems are out of control and threatening to send the Hannah's into financial ruin. When Jack overhears a conversation between his mother and Curtis, he realises that his mother was guilty of her crime all along – and not his brother.

Meanwhile, Curtis' bad boy behaviour is out of control when he sets off on a path that includes booze, fights and drug dealing. Can Mo get his family back on track?

When Victoria is assigned a new patient who happens to be a prisoner, she is warned that it is best not to know his backstory. But Victoria can't help herself and discovers what he's done.

She begins to treat her patient with contempt, she even goes as far as to hurt him. When he lays a complaint against her, Victoria threatens him and Trent promises her he will be back to get her - leaving Victoria terrified.

Vinnie and Nicole are excited to get started on their wedding planning until they realise how expensive it's going to be. When Leanne kindly offers to pay for it, she feels she has the right to take over the planning altogether. Frustrated, the couple decide to scale down their wedding and regain control. They settle on a surprise wedding but struggle to keep it under wraps.

And is there another wedding on the horizon - Does Harper say "yes" or will she take a walk on the wild side with Shortland Street's new Doctor?

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