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August 8 - 12 2011

Callum and Jill - Shortland Street TV2

Chris, Rachel, Phoenix and Harry - happy families on Shortland Street TV2

Brooke feels uneasy with Winston - Shortland Street TV2

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Monday 8th August (ep 4807)

In light of Lana' s emotional outburst, Gabrielle resolves to treat her differently.

When she hears the full story of their mother's illness, Gabrielle realises how much Lana sacrificed so she could attend medical school.

She decides she will repay that debt and persuades Lana to stay in Ferndale.

Gabrielle suggests ways that she can repay Lana, but Lana only wants their new-found friendship.

Even so, Gabrielle arranges for Daniel to improve Lana's fashion website and Daniel and Lana draw closer.

Gabrielle secretly buys items from the website in an effort to increase sales, boost her sister's career and begin to repay her debt.

When she learns that Nicole has been pressured to get rid of her blue hair, Bella defends Nicoles bold fashion choice to Rachel.

She is unmoved, but Bella tries to persuade Nicole to defend her right to be different.

Tired of taking the flack, Nicole demurs, so Bella tries to convince the nurses - they should all wear bright blue wigs in solidarity.

No one is keen.

Meanwhile, Callum lies to Rachel that over-sized beds are in place for the imminent arrival of the surgical tourism patients.

With few options left to get the ward operational, he fails in his attempt to borrow the beds.

Rachel reads the riot act to the nurses, insisting that they adhere to conventional standards of appearance so as not to offend valuable patients.

Annoyed by Rachel's unwelcome interference, the nurses don blue wigs in protest.

Callum thinks he's completely sunk when he hears that even if he misappropriates funds from the ED budget, there are no big beds available for immediate delivery.

In career suicide mode, Callum supports the nurses blue-wig stand and offends Mr Jennings.

Rachel learns that Callum has been trying to borrow over-sized beds and realises he's lied to her.

Her fury increases when she sees the wigs and she goes on the warpath.

Jill reveals to Nicole and the others that Callum's job is on the line.

Impressed by Callum's support of the wig protest and by his recent topping up of nursing budgets, Nicole decides to help.

At a crucial moment, she lies to Rachel that the oversized beds have all been installed.

Rachel is suspicious and Callum is dismayed to find his entire career on the line.

Tuesday 9th August (ep 4808)

Wendy, Jill and Nicole work together for Callum moving patients and beds around the hospital to hide the lack of oversized beds.

When Jonathon grows suspicious, he takes his concerns to Rachel, who is furious to realise that Callum has lied.

But Rachel is forced to bite her tongue when DHB executive, Malcolm Jennings, congratulates Callum and Rachel on the success of the surgical tourism.

Malcolm hopes that Rachel will apply to be his replacement as DHB Financial Officer permanently.

Rachel is forced to keep Callum's secret for the sake of her own credibility.

She warns him that once she has the job she will do everything in her power to see him ousted.

Tracey and Scotty are nervously excited about Tracey's pregnancy test.

The test proves positive and they are thrilled and wonder when they should tell Kitu.

Sarah's thrilled for them but does question if Tracey's still happy to go to Timor.

Tracey is and Sarah can't help but feel sad that she's losing a good friend.

Scotty also checks that Tracey's not having misgivings, suggesting that she could stay on in New Zealand.

Overhearing this, Kitu asserts that they all have to go together as a family.

Warmed by this, any misgivings Tracey may have evaporate - no way is she being left behind.

Evan learns exactly how dangerous Roytocin abuse can be and he takes his concerns to Hunter.

Hunter comes up with a plan to distract Evan from his obsession with Roytocin by setting him up with his dream-girl, Ula.

Hunter uses Ula's growing crush on him to organise a DVD evening at his house, planning to retire to his room to study and let Ula and Evan have time alone.

But Ula sabotages Evan's attendance by letting slip to Murray about a school assignment that Evan hasn't started.

Evan is grounded, giving Ula quality time alone with Hunter.

Realising Evan isn't going to show, an uncomfortable Hunter shows Ula the door, only to have her turn and kiss him on the lips - just as Vasa arrives.

Vasa is appalled at Ula's behaviour and Ula is mortified - Vasa has ruined everything.   

Wednesday 10th August (ep 4809)

A medical patient, Nathan Sweeney, is unable to pay for his antibiotic prescription.

Brooke refuses to help him but changes her mind when Nathan affects her with his story of romance.

Brooke provides him with medication from the hospital.

Tracey alerts her to the fact that there has been a mix-up in the drug room, fearing Brooke may have given Nathan the wrong medication.

Brooke realises Nathan has an allergy to the incorrect meds and is grateful when Alex offers to help her find him.

They find Nathan and Brooke checks the bottle of pills and is relieved to discover they are the correct meds after all.

An embarrassed Brooke feels like a fool but Alex assures her he thinks she's wonderful for going the extra mile.

Alex kisses her and she surrenders to romance.

Evan is shocked to learn that Ula likes Hunter and that they kissed.

Evan confronts Hunter and Hunter explains the misunderstanding - Ula kissed him, it wasn't reciprocal.

Evan forces Hunter to clear things up with Ula, so he texts her asking to meet.

Meanwhile, Nicole learns of the kiss and suggests that Callum needs to talk to Hunter.

Hunter meets Ula and gives her a brutally honest wake-up call, pleasing Evan.

When Callum tries to show concern, Hunter coldly backs him off.

Jasmine realises Ula has embarrassed herself with Hunter and sympathetically advises her to stop chasing boys who are out of her league.

Ula feels more insulted and gets revenge by altering Jasmine's article.

Jasmine informs Phoenix her article will be published in the local newspaper's student page.

Rachel observes the awkwardness between the teens and encourages Phoenix to pursue Jasmine if he's still keen.

Phoenix is pleased when Jasmine agrees to let him take her photo for her article.

Encouraged by the successful photo shoot, Phoenix decides to kiss her.

With their romance on again, Phoenix gets up early and collects several copies of the newspaper, presenting them to Jasmine at home.

She's touched by the gesture, but mortified when she opens the paper and sees that her name has been published as Jasmine Pooper.

Thursday 11th August (ep 4810)

Jasmine is mortified but assumes it was a proofreading error at the newspaper.

A guilty Ula tries to be nice to Jasmine, but is too scared to confess.

When the error is traced to Jasmine's laptop, she begins to suspect a motive behind Ula's good deeds.

Evan defends that Ula would never do something so low, but Jasmine makes a persuasive case and Evan starts to change his mind.

He challenges Ula, and doesn't believe her denials.

Insisting that she needs to apologise to his whole family, Evan can't believe what he saw in her in the first place.

Jasmine rejects Ula's apology and explanation, leaving her virtually friendless.

When a concerned Vasa tries to get to the bottom of Ula's despair, Ula fires back that she's miserable because shes turning out like her mother.

In preparing to leave for Timor, Scotty and Tracey feel a mixture of sadness and excitement.

Meanwhile, their work mates debate what to give them as a present.

Both TK and Bella have bright ideas and race off to realise them.

Later, TK walks in on talk about babies between Scotty, Tracey and Sarah and he worries it is something to do with Tillie.

At the farewell party, Scotty feels he has to reassure a fretful TK that the talk wasn't about Tillie but about Scotty and Tracey's baby.

Meanwhile, Tracey inadvertently reveals to Wendy and Nicole that she's pregnant.

Everyone is thrilled for the departing pair and they are given an emotional farewell, along with a sizable sum of money and commemorative t-shirts.

Goodbye, Scotty, Tracey and Kitu.

Brooke and Alex consummate their romance and Brooke is furious to learn how Winston spread negative gossip about her to Alex.

She berates Winston for his interference and adamantly denies any affair with Alex.

Insisting to Alex that Winston must be kept in the dark, Brooke contrives a ruse to visit Tauranga Hospital at the same time that Alex is meant to be flying to Australia.

Winston falls for it, but then learns that Alex's passport is still in the I.V. safe.

When he confirms that Alex booked into a hotel with Brooke, Winston is enraged and loses control.

Friday 12th August (ep 4811)

Murray confesses to Winston that he has also put a hole in the wall by breaking Wendy's rules about bike parts in the house.

He plans to repair the damage in secret, causing him to be evasive around Wendy.

She realises something is going on but jumps to the wrong conclusion, thinking Vasa is also involved.

Catching Murray out in a lie, an upset Wendy accuses him of infidelity.

Dismayed that she could think the worst of him, Murray admits his real crime and they laugh off the misunderstanding.

Roimata finds Jill's apartment has no food.

Jill admits that she's skint because she's paying living expenses on her own - she needs flatmates.

She considers asking Callum to move in but is nervous.

When Callum doesn't seem interested in moving in with her, Jill is hurt, thinking that he's only interested in sex.

But Callum gets the wrong idea - that Jill wants to have a party central flat.

He worries that Jill isnt ready to be the partner of a CEO - having to entertain and schmooze DHB members etc.

When Jill is chilly with him, Callum challenges her and they sort out their misunderstanding, it's settled - Callum is moving in.

Winston makes excuses for the damage he caused then travels to Tauranga to stalk a blissfully happy Brooke and Alex.

Staging a fire alarm, he gains access to their hotel room to steal Alex's credit card and plant a man's wedding band among Alex's things.

Brooke is puzzled by the ring, which Alex returns to reception.

However Winston intercepts the ring and pays a sex worker to call Alex's phone when Brooke is likely to answer it.

The sex worker plays the part of a suspicious and jealous woman, demanding to know who Brooke is.

Alex brushes this off, but Brooke is left rattled.

As Winston plants more incriminating evidence in their hotel room, he is trapped by their return and must hide.

Brooke finds the wedding band again, apparently unreturned, and a oneway plane ticket to Paris paid for by Alex's credit card.

Betrayed, Brooke accuses him of being secretly married and cynically leading her on, for revenge.

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