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August on Shortland Street

Josh spends time with the Cooper family - Shortland Street on TV2

Shortland Street on TV2

Shavaughn Ruakere plays Roimata - Shortland Street on TV2

Rachel confronts Henry - Shortland Street on TV2

The winter season may be over but the drama just keeps coming this August on Shortland Street.

Here’s our pick of the biggest stories coming up this month!

Emma Franklin and Kylie Brown’s friendship is about to go through some growing pains this August.

After another argument, the girls are at a low point when there’s a surprise arrival on their doorstep - Toby Reynolds, the son of Kylie’s sister Julie and Emma’s father Brett.

Having run away from home, Toby begs the girls to let him stay and Kylie and Emma are forced to put their differences aside as they become his temporary guardians.

With no parenting experience between them, young women have to grow up quickly and put their differences aside to care for the young teen. But parenting a runaway teen isn’t exactly easy - are they up to the task?


From high flying CEO to woman of leisure, Rachel McKenna is at a loss as what to do with herself since she was forced out of the job she thought she was destined to do.

Since her unceremonious firing Rachel McKenna has struggled to find a new direction and this month, she’s about to find it in the person she least expected.

Since he betrayed her trust, Henry Lee has been Rachel’s number one enemy and the feeling is mutual with Henry blaming Rachel for his current troubles.

But when Rachel realises just how down on his luck Henry has fallen, she sees an opportunity to use her corporate skills for good and work with Henry on a new charity project.

But with their chequered history, will Rachel and Henry’s joint project succeed or is it about to blow up in their faces?


Brooke Freeman is determined to make her marriage to Boyd Rolleston a success. After a few speed wobbles as the recently wed couple came to grips with their unusual relationship, Brooke assumed she and her husband were back on track.

But this month, she’s alarmed to discover a potential contender for her husband’s affections, Harper Whitley. Ever the schemer, Brooke uses her powers of manipulation to try and gain an advantage over her romantic rival.

But as Brooke is scrambling to keep Boyd interested and Harper out of the picture, she’s unaware of there’s another challenger for Boyd’s affections who may just pip her at the post.


Bella Cooper and Josh Gallagher share a special bond.

He was Bella’s hero when she was captured by Neil Hesketh and at Josh’s lowest point, she provided support as everyone else turned against him.

With his friendship with Bella growing even closer, this month Josh is determined to win over the rest of the Cooper clan as well.

But Josh’s bad rep is hard to shake and Bella’s mum Wendy is disapproving of their blossoming friendship.A medical emergency at a Cooper family dinner gives Josh the opportunity to play the hero once again.

Is sheer coincidence that emergencies seem to happen when Josh is around? Or is there more to Josh’s helping hand than meets the eye?


A year ago Roimata Ngatai was in a very different place. In a happy and loving relationship with her husband TK Samuels, she had no idea of the tragedy that was about to occur.

Now, seven months on from the traumatic sexual assault and three months since her marriage to TK dissolved, Roimata is struggling to find a place for herself in Ferndale.

The reality of her situation hits home when TK asks her to collect the last of her belongings from his house.

When she finds herself caught between an argument between TK and Josh at work, it’s the final straw.

Tired of her unhealthy relationship with both men, Roimata decides it’s time to cut herself off and leave Shortland Street for good.


Plus there’s a surprising appointment to the swivley chair this month on Shortland Street!

With Chris Warner heading off on leave he has a vacancy to fill, but since the recent management upheavals, the temporary CEO position is difficult to fill.

When his preferred candidate refuses to take on the extra responsibility and pressure, Chris is forced to look elsewhere.

Eyebrows are raised when Shortland Street staff learn just who he has appointed as temporary CEO.

Stay tuned to find out which hospital staffer is about to receive a surprising promotion! And will they be up for the job?

Don’t miss this and all the drama coming at you this August on Shortland Street!



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