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August 29 - 2 September 2011

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TK Samuels and Roimata Ngatai - Shortland Street TV2

Jasmine mopes in her father's bar - Shortland Street TV2

Bella, Luke and Zlata in Shortland Street on TV2

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Monday 29th August (4822)

TK reassures Sarah that no one is going to take Tillie from her.

He pledges his support and Sarah is grateful.

TK is relieved when Roimata approves of his decision to help Sarah. Roimata prides herself in growing up and not being jealous anymore.

But when TK has to return to Sarah's to help during the night, she feels a pang of jealousy.

Bella is uneasy when Luke decides to hold a dinner party to introduce his friends to Zlata.

But when Luke is unable to help Zlata prepare for the dinner party he asks Bella to assist instead.

Bella can't say no and is unimpressed when Zlata pretends to be sick to get out of cooking.

Bella calls Zlata on her behaviour and Zlata breaks down, revealing that shes worried she'll embarrass Luke in front of his important work colleagues.

Bella realises that she has misjudged Zlata and promises to help her make the dinner party a success.

But Zlata puts her foot in her mouth with Jill and Bella has to work hard to help Zlata connect with Luke's friends.

Bella eventually succeeds and Luke thanks her for being a true friend.

Chris arrives home and looks forward to spending time with his family.

Hes dismayed when Phoenix chooses to spend time at Evan's place and is further disappointed when Phoenix's report card shows that his grades aren't high enough to get into a prestigious science summer school.

Chris thinks Phoenix has been spending too much time with Evan but Rachel reveals that he has actually been spending his time helping Murray restore a motorbike.

Chris tells Phoenix to put his studies before the bike and arranges for Phoenix to have a tutor.

But Phoenix is reluctant. He loses track of time with Murray and Chris has to track him down.

Murray urges Chris not to be too hard on Phoenix, pointing out that he is a good mechanic.

Chris is adamant that Phoenix can do better but is stung when Murray accuses him of not knowing his son at all.


Tuesday 30th August (4823)

Chris fears that Murray is right about his lack of a connection with Phoenix and he struggles to come up with ways to improve their bond.

He's disappointed when Phoenix rejects his offer of a sixteenth birthday party.

Murray feels for Chris, aware he is making a real effort and he tries to help by alerting Phoenix to Chris's desire to spend time with him.

Rachel confirms Murray's observation and pushes Phoenix to rethink the party idea.

Phoenix pretends he does want a party after all, boosting Chris's spirits.

Brooke struggles to keep on top of her work now that Winston is gone. She's relieved when Alex offers to help.

Alex can tell that Brooke is snowed under and stalls on leaving to catch his flight to Australia to continue his assistance.

Brooke is reluctant to impinge on Alexs own work and assures him she can cope.

Playing catch-up with ECG readings, Brooke is annoyed when Nicole interrupts her appointment with Jasmine to insist she attend to patients on the ward.

An apologetic Brooke returns to Jasmine later, but before she gets the chance to view the ECG print-out Nicole recalls her to the ward.

A frustrated Brooke fears juggling her work commitments is beyond her ability.

A tired Daniel misses a flirt cue from Lana and she feels rejected.

Jonathon suspects Lana really likes Daniel and tries to persuade her to try again, but she refuses, claiming there is no hope for them.

Against Gabrielle's advice, Jonathon takes it upon himself to play cupid.

Jonathon learns that Daniel needs flatmates and persuades Lana to view the flat, hopeful that she and Daniel wont be able to resist each other once they're under the same roof.

Daniel secures Lana and Vinnie as his new flatmates, but gets the strong message that Lana has no romantic interest in him.

However, Lana suddenly realises that her feelings for Daniel are strong and off Gabrielles advice, decides to tell him shes ready for romance.

Before Lana can get the words out, Daniel reveals he's moving in with Sarah because her relapse has worsened.

Lana is disappointed to realise she's missed her chance with Daniel once again.


Wednesday 31st August (4824)

Lana moves in to the student flat but she's disappointed that Daniel is moving out.

Vinnie arrives and he manages to cheered Lana up with his upbeat humour.  But later, Vinnie wakes Lana by cooking a midnight feast.

Early next morning, Lana is again woken by Vinnie, this time by his morning exercise regime.

Irritated, Lana starts to wash the dishes Vinnie has left from the night before. Shes shocked to discover a treasured tea pot has been broken.

Lana decides they need to set some ground rules at the flat - no mess and no waking her up at all hours.

Jill finds a travel brochure for discounted international travel and recalls how much she enjoyed trotting around the globe.

Jill suggests that she and Callum could take advantage of the travel deals but Callum tells her he's unable to take any time off.

Callum gets a call from his mother, Mona - she's on her way to stay with them.

Mona's introduction to Jill gets off to a bad start when Mona presumes Jill is still with Hunter.

When she realises that Jill is actually with Callum, Mona is extremely disapproving, leaving Jill feeling annoyed.

Phoenix invites Jasmine to his sixteenth birthday party.

Jasmine worries when she sees popular volleyball girls wooing Phoenix to join their team.

Wendy tries to counsel Jasmine to not be a jealous girlfriend - otherwise she'll be miserable.

Bella also tries to bolster Jasmines spirits with wardrobe ideas for the party and tips for having confidence around the popular girls.

Feeling better about things, Jasmine goes to watch Phoenix at volleyball practice just as the inter-school sports day billets arrive at Ferndale High.

Jasmine is shocked to find  herself face to face with her nemesis - Suzy.

Thursday 1st September (4825)  

Shocked by Suzy's arrival, Jasmine stakes her claim on Phoenix, and enlists Ula's help to keep flirty Suzy away from her boyfriend.

Irked by Ula and Jasmines unfriendliness, Suzy steals Phoenixs notebook and orchestrates an opportunity to meet with Phoenix to collect it.

Jasmine learns of Phoenix's whereabouts and goes to meet him. As Jasmine arrives, Suzy takes advantage of Phoenix's good nature and kisses him.

Certain Phoenix has feelings for Suzy an upset Jasmine flees, leaving Phoenix pained.

Overhearing the negative opinion Luke's friends of her, Zlata feels slighted.

She helps Bella at the desk during a busy shift and excelling at the task, Bella suggests Zlata apply for the Triage temp job.

Zlata runs the idea of her working by Luke. He is initially sceptical but when she explains that she doesn't want to be viewed as a gold-digger, he agrees.

She applies for the temp job, and with Bella's support, gets to the next stage of her application.

Callums surprised when Mona appears to accept Jill as his partner.

But Jill is uneasy after Mona asserts that time will prove whether her and Callum's relationship is built to last.

Callum advises Jill to play hardball with Mona and not buy in to her games.  Jill puts this to practice with immediate positive results.

As relations further improve with Mona, Jill allows herself to believe they are destined to hit it off so she tells Mona about her travel plans.

But Mona shatters this illusion, revealing that she intends to stay for good and claiming first right to Callum's attention. Mona tells an outraged Jill that she's surplus to requirements.

Friday 2nd September (4826)

Callum is frustrated to walk in on Jill and Mona arguing.

Sorting it out, Callum learns of Mona's plan to stay in Ferndale and he assures her she's welcome - but warns that she needs to accept his and Jill's relationship.

Mona soon tests Jill's patience and Jill is pleased when Callum puts Mona in her place.

Deciding to make an effort with Mona, Jill offers to take her out and they end up at the IV for lunch.

Mona pretends to have forgotten her purse and Jill proves she's committed to improving their relationship by footing the bill.

Callums pleased that Jill is making progress with Mona.

But when Mona discovers the large amount of money Callum is spending on Jill's ball dress she complains that its a waste - Jill will soon move on from Callum.

Mona urges Callum to end it and Callum is pained to realise her attitude hasn't changed.

Jasmine refuses to hear Phoenix's explanation about Suzy. Returning home, Phoenix finds it difficult to feign interest in Chris's party plans.

Undeterred, Chris is determined to make Phoenix's birthday perfect and he's disappointed when his present fails to excite.

It's not until Chris observes Murray and Phoenix talking that he realises he needs to find something better than the motorbike project.

Still failing to get through to Jasmine, Phoenix wearily agrees to let Suzy come to the party.

Ula is certain Suzy plans to try it on again with Phoenix so she warns Jasmine.

Jasmine isn't sure what to do but Bella bolsters that she should show Phoenix what he's missing out on.

At the party, Phoenix finds it difficult to enjoy himself with Jasmine on his mind.

Jasmine's arrival has Phoenix hopeful but Jasmine rejects his offer of a dance. Phoenix's discomfort with the party builds and he's further upset when Suzy tries to cosy up to him.

When Chris reveals Phoenix's birthday gift, a sports car,  it's the last straw for Phoenix and he blows up at Chris, venting that Chris doesnt understand him.

Jasmine feels for Phoenix and they escape undetected in Phoenix's new vehicle.

Phoenix and Jasmine confess their love for each other, and things are heating up when Jasmine suddenly loses consciousness in Phoenix's arms. A terrified Phoenix realises Jasmine is dead.

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