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Shortland Street

Weeknights at 7pm | TV2

August 24 - 28 2009

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Monday 24th August (ep 4315/4316 One-hour episode)

Morgan is knocked back when Gerald clarifies that his family planning doesn't involve sex.  Aroha forces Morgan to unhappily realise she's resigning herself to a sexless future. 

However, Morgan assures herself she can accept a future without sex.  Aroha and Hunter arrive home for afternoon delight and all Morgan gets is a syringe with which to perform the insemination. 

Later, Morgan is left flustered when Aroha sets her up with a good looking guy.

Kieran is panicked when Sophie reveals she's quit school to be with him.  Sophie begins her job hunt and feels the pressure when Callum informs her she needs to start paying rent immediately. 

Sophie is thrilled when she scores a job as a journalist, albeit an unpaid one.  Sophie promises Callum money she doesn't have for the rent.

Kieran gives her money, making her feel uncomfortable.

Sarah supports Brooke's proposal for a photo shoot with the PCC car but TK feels that Brooke will find a way to take all the kudos.  

TK begrudgingly agrees to model for Brooke's photoshoot.  TK and Brooke argue over the car that Devlin has supplied, which is older than promised and in need of servicing. 

Brooke is annoyed when TK pulls over to check bald tyres but they happen to come across a motorbike accident. 

TK and Brooke are troubled when one of the victims reveals there's a second crash victim - somewhere. 

TK finds a badly injured Wendy and he and Brooke have to work on each victim separately. 

Brooke ignores TK's advice to wait for help, and begins a difficult procedure on Bob in the hope of saving his life.

His injuries are too great, and Brooke is devastated when he dies.  Back at the hospital, TK worries she is repressing her grief. 

Brooke sees TK in a new light when he offers comfort.

Morgan is embarrassed to be set up on a blind date. She takes out her frustration on Aroha.

Later, Morgan apologises to Matthew for her rudeness and is disturbed when she feels a spark of attraction. 

Meanwhile Gerald is troubled by Morgan's lack of enthusiasm for starting a family.  Gerald plans a romantic evening for him and Morgan. 

Unfortunately, Matthew enters the bar during their dinner, and Morgan is reminded of her sexless situation. 

Sophie overhears Callum discuss the roadside accident and takes some intrusive snaps at the accident site, impressing a senior reporter.

Later, Sophie makes an effort by offering friendship to Daniel, but he is nowhere near ready to accept. 

When she tries to see Kieran at the I.V, she is frustrated when she is treated like a child by Hunter, Callum and even Kieran. 

She manages to get Kieran to kiss her, aware that Callum is in the next room. But it's not Callum who walks in on them.  It's Daniel.


Tuesday 25th August (ep 4317)

Tania is at a loss to explain why Ben seems to have lost romantic interest in her. Yvonne is determined to fix things between them. 

Ben reveals that he doesn't feel like he's good enough for Tania, and off Yvonne's bolstering he decides to give things another go. 

Meeting Ben for a date to a charity event, Tania is overjoyed when he's the perfect gentleman. However, Ben feels like a loser when Maxwell outdoes him in front of Tania. 

Unable to bear the humiliation, he bails on Tania, ending their date abruptly.  Determining to give up on Ben, Tania heads to bed and Yvonne enlists Libby to help repair Tania's relationship.

Brooke is curious when Sophie offers closure on Bob's death.  Sophie leads Brooke to erect a cross in memoriam of Bob, then preys on Brooke's sacred moment by taking a photograph.

Sophie is dismayed when Daniel exits, hurt and angry, after witnessing the kiss.  

Daniel meets TK for boxing training, and barely controls his anger when he's challenged to spar in the ring with Tupac. 

Daniel lashes out, losing control of everything TK has taught him.  Kieran is uncomfortable when Sophie reports she hasn't been able to contact Daniel. He decides to take care of the issue himself. 

TK is concerned when Dan storms from the ring.  Daniel won't come clean about the cause of his bad mood to TK, but is given food for thought when Tupac offers to bash Kieran for him. 

Daniel is surprised when Sophie reveals that she pursued Kieran, and he's horrified to realise that Kieran doesn't deserve a beating. 

Daniel arrives too late at the I.V, and is shocked when a beaten Kieran regains consciousness and believes him to be the attacker.


Wednesday 26th August (ep 4318)

Kieran and Daniel make a deal and buy each other's silence.  Daniel reassures Tupac that neither of them is going to get into trouble.

Kieran lies to Sophie about the bruise on his head.  Later, he feigns surprise when she reveals that Daniel has decided not to tell Callum about their relationship.  |

Tania breaks up with Ben and is disappointed when he doesn't fight for their relationship.  Yvonne reveals her makeover plan to Ben.

Ben is reluctant but puts himself in Libby and Yvonne's hands, but actually enjoys the transformation process.  

Ben convinces Tania to go on another date with him.  At dinner, Tania is impressed by Ben's new hair cut, clothes and new found confidence.  Their relationship is back on. 

Morgan and Gerald awake in the night and Morgan suggests to Gerald that they try to make a baby now using the turkey baster method.

Gerald feels that this is too close to sex and refuses.  Morgan is disappointed and when she runs into Matthew she's rattled by her attraction to him. 

Back home, Gerald apologises to Morgan for being unable to go through with baby making last night but tells Morgan that he'll be able to come up with the goods this morning. 

Morgan finds the process too clinical and cold to go through with and flees.  

Morgan goes to the staff room and is surprised to bump into Matthew again.  Morgan kisses him. 

Meanwhile, Gerald confides in Yvonne and decides to do whatever it takes to make Morgan happy. 

Morgan can't bring herself to have sex with Matthew and realises that she needs to sort things out with Gerald. 

Arriving home, Morgan is taken aback when Gerald announces that he wants to make love to her. 

However, after having sex, Morgan and Gerald realise that it is a problem they cannot overcome and sadly decide to end their marriage.

Thursday 27th August (ep 4319)

Gerald decides to move out of the flat.  Hunter comforts Morgan, leaving Aroha unsettled. 

Gerald resigns himself to being alone forever.  Libby insists he move in to Chris's house with her. Gerald collects the last of his things, and he and Morgan share a sad goodbye.

Tracey is concerned to learn of Maxwell's $500 bet when he attempts another wager with Kieran.  Kieran refuses. 

Maxwell makes one more unsuccessful attempt to get Kieran to make a bet with him, then lies to Tracey about what he was doing. 

Kieran finally agrees to a $500 bet onYvonne's Cancer Society fundraiser: guessing the amount of jellybeans in a jar. 

Yvonne's appalled that they're using the jellybean fundraiser for their own ends.

When Maxwell and Kieran catch each other trying to stack the odds on the jellybean bet, they agree on ground rules - but remain mutually suspicious.

Tension remains between Shanti and Scotty over Shanti's decision to tell Sunil about Rebecca. 

When a sleep-starved Scotty slips up at work, Shanti urges him to realise that the situation with Rebecca is becoming untenable. 

Hoping to make Rebecca aware of the stress she is creating for Scotty, Shanti reveals her fear that he may slip into another depression. 

Rebecca decides to move in with another working girl, Anna.  

When Jesse gets sick, Scotty rings Rebecca's brothel, mentioning her friend Anna.  Scotty takes Jesse to E.D, while Shanti stays at home to look after Amy. 

But Shanti fears for her and Amy's lives when thugs break in, looking for Rebecca.


Friday 28st August (ep 4320)

Scotty finds Shanti cowering following a home invasion.  Shanti and Scotty worry about Rebecca's whereabouts and hope that the thugs haven't found her. 

Rebecca turns up the next morning and reveals that the brothel has discovered she has been stealing their clientele and aren't happy. 

Scotty is torn between supporting his sister and protecting his wife, but resolves to ask Rebecca to leave. 

Maia learns of Morgan's marriage break up and agrees to give her some time off. 

Aroha steps up to help cover. In her rush to get out and get famous, Aroha administers medicine without checking a patient's vitals. 

She only realises the mistake and possible consequences at the meeting. 

When faced with the choice of dropping herself in hot water, or harming a patient, she resolves to sneak back to work and set it right, causing her to miss the "make or break" meeting. 

She is caught and confesses her slip up to Gabrielle and Maia.  The patient is fine but Gabrielle delivers an ultimatum; nursing or a pop career. 

Aroha is surprised when Maia praises her for putting the patient first.

Yvonne runs a competition to raise money for charity - guessing the amount of jelly beans in a jar. 

Maxwell and Kieran devise various methods of estimating the number of jelly beans, each determined to win.

While Yvonne is off doing an errand, Libby becomes the jelly bean jar's unwilling guardian. 

Caught in the lift with a diabetic with low blood sugar, Libby hands over some jelly beans. 

Gabrielle guesses the correct jelly bean amount and Maxwell loses his bet with Kieran. 

Libby admits that she gave some jelly beans to the diabetic and Maxwell realises that he's been cheated out of his win. 

He curses Libby and Yvonne for running a dodgy competition, leaving Tracey disturbed by Maxwell's obsessive behaviour.