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Shortland Street

Weeknights at 7pm | TV2

August 23 - 27 2010

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Monday 23rd August ( ep4566)

Chris is forced to deal with a difficult William Nugent who is ill with a suspected case of the hospital superbug. 

Still away on their romantic retreat, Callum and Rachel are alarmed to learn of the hospital crisis and hurry to make their way back. 

Taking charge, Chris stands up to William when he complains about being quarantined. 

A helpful Sarah does her best to appease William by giving him special attention. 

Chris is relieved when William is cleared of the virus but he feels for Rachel when William rips into her for being absent. 

Aware that Chris's management skills have saved her bacon, Rachel can't help comparing him favourably with Callum. 

When Callum wants to put their horrible day behind them with some romance, Rachel turns him down.

She'd like to put their relationship on the back burner until the hospital restructuring is complete.

Tension builds between Wendy and Vasa following Ula's bullying of Jasmine. 

Vasa attempts to defuse the conflict by offering Wendy her friendship. 

Wendy is unsure whether Vasa is genuine, but Vasa proves herself when she defends Wendy to Maia. 

Later, when Sarah criticises Vasa, Wendy stands up for her and Sarah is surprised that she has lost her ally.

Penny drives Scotty home. She pours her remaining poison into some ginger ale and tries to get Scotty to drink it. 

Scotty accidentally spills it and Penny is forced to change tack. Taking notice of Scotty's sleeping pills, Penny uses Scotty's confusion to make him to take more pills than he intends. 

Penny waits for him to fall asleep and then puts her plan into action by setting up Scotty's gas heater. 

Back at the hospital, Scotty's latest batch of tests have proved inconclusive and Sarah is concerned. 

She decides to go and see him but gets distracted by Maxwell convinces her to go to dinner with him. 

Scotty is fast asleep as the edge of his blanket catches alight on the gas heater.  


Tuesday 24th August (ep 4567)

Relishing the thought of Scotty burning to death, Penny celebrates with Hunter.  Meanwhile, Tracey arrives home in the nick of time and douses the fire. 

Tracey is hugely relieved when Scotty regains consciousness in ED.

His fuzzy memory prevents her from getting a clear picture of events.  However, she is perturbed to learn that Penny was present and seeks her out to get answers. 

Privately, Penny is shocked to learn of Scotty's survival and evades Tracey's questions. 

But Tracey's detective radar is alerted and is concerned to learn that Penny may have coerced Scotty into taking extra sleeping pills. 

Sarah suspects Scotty has Guillain-Barre syndrome.  Penny is let off the hook and Tracey is forced to swallow her nagging doubt.

Wendy is concerned when Vasa is overly harsh with Nicole.  Vasa dismisses that Nicole just has a bad attitude and needs to be pulled into line. 

Wendy realises that Vasa is still a bully - she's simply moved on to another target.

Rachel struggles to work through her restructuring plan for the surgical department. 

Callum suggests she consult Chris, but Rachel is reluctant to work closely with Chris. 

They try their best to remain strictly professional.  They find themselves enjoying a passionate debate over the restructure. 

Later, Rachel gives Chris a lift home and they continue their debate over a cup of tea.  They find themselves drawing closer. 

The temptation to kiss is strong, but Phoenix and Harry arrive home. 

Rachel races home to Callum, where she channels her desire for Chris into romance with Callum.


Wednesday 25th August (ep 4568)

Awkward, Rachel makes it clear to Chris she wants to focus on work. 

After a shaky start to their pitch, Chris and Rachel pull together and impress William Nugent. 

But he turns them down for budget reasons, leaving Rachel frustrated. 

Wondering how she can turn the situation around, Rachel lobbies to go to Singapore to research an existing public/private hospital. 

It has the added bonus on keeping her far away from Chris. 

Chris is disappointed when Rachel tells him she's leaving and makes it clear that her loyalties lie with Callum.

Seeing Gerald's discomfort at his workstation, Brooke encourages him to fight for his ergonomic rights and ask Callum for replacements. 

Gerald tries but falters, so Brooke lobbies on his behalf.

Callum's solution is replacing his desk with a second-hand one and with an even worse chair, Gerald is disappointed.

Ula sets up a trap for Jasmine by sneaking a book into her school bag at the library. 

The sensors go off and Jasmine is embarrassed to discover the book is about puberty - the teacher's 'understanding' makes it worse. 

Evan determines to pay Ula back.

Nicole's council debts and a tyrant boss in Vasa are getting her down and she tries to focus on the positive - the indoor netball final. 

But she is disappointed when her dire financial straits mean she has to pick up an extra shift instead. 

She tries to swap shifts but Vasa hears and admonishes both her and Wendy.  

Maia determines to cheer her up.  Egged on by Sarah, she decides on a risqué romantic surprise. 

Unaware of Maia's plans, Nicole tries to improve her day by celebrating with the victorious netball team.  

Arriving home, she finds Maia in a racy outfit and she has the rest of the netball team in tow! 


Thursday 26th August (ep 4569)

Maia gets over her embarrassment and joins the party.  Brodie busies himself taking photos.  Maia is stoked when Nicole has a great night. 

The next morning, Yvonne hears gossip about the risqué party. 

When she sees photos on Gerald's computer she is scandalised.  Yvonne seeks Maia out and is annoyed to find her being silly with Nicole. 

Yvonne blames Nicole for the party, asserting that Nicole is bad for Maia.

Chris realises it's time for Isaac to take his skills to the next level and assigns him to a difficult surgery.  

Isaac reluctantly agrees on the proviso that Chris be on hand in case of emergency.  Isaac swots hard and Chris is impressed. 

In the operating theatre, a nervous Isaac covers his jitters by being rude to his staff. 

Chris is pleased when the surgery is a success, despite Durville's protests that Isaac was difficult to work with. 

Chris offers him a more complicated surgery and a newly confident Isaac happily agrees. 

Sarah is disappointed when her romantic time with Maxwell is cut short because of Vasa. 

She is frustrated when Vasa is obstructive at work and ends up complaining to Maxwell. 

Maxwell doesn't want to take sides, but he is impressed when Vasa apologises.

At school, Evan makes fun of Ula, and tensions rise.  At lunch they trade harsh words and Phoenix tries to diffuse the situation. 

However, when Evan steals Ula's bag and tips it out, she retaliates by punching him.

News of the bullying incident quickly travels and Maxwell is called down to the school with Vasa. 

Sarah complains that Vasa is using Ula to keep Maxwell in her orbit.  Angry, Maxwell retaliates by accusing Sarah of using the GP clinic to stay in close contact with TK.

At home, Maxwell gets to the bottom of Ula's bullying - she's lonely.

Vasa is deeply impressed and moved by Maxwell's parenting skills.  Vasa confesses that she wants the family back together. 

Maxwell is then taken completely by surprise when Vasa tries to kiss him.

Friday 27th August  (ep4570) 

Maxwell shuts down Vasa's romantic advances and Vasa apologises.  However, Maxwell is unsettled by the strength of attraction he felt for Vasa. 

He makes up with Sarah and chooses not to tell her about Vasa's kiss.  He instead discusses his hopes that Ula will stop bullying. 

At work, Vasa is upset when Wendy is terse with her following Ula's latest act of violence. 

Later, Wendy is impressed when Ula arrives with apology letters for Evan and Jasmine, which earns Ula Phoenix's approval. 

Back at work, Vasa is pleased when Wendy is friendly once more.  Learning of Ula's reparations, Vasa and Maxwell congratulate each other on their parenting.

Isaac feels the pressure as he prepares for a difficult operation.  Chris adds to the tension, expecting an improvement in the way Isaac manages his surgical team. 

A nervous Isaac clashes with Durville but manages to win him over.  However, Isaac loses his cool in the surgery and asks Chris to intervene. 

Chris decides that the best way to foster Isaac's confidence is to force him to complete the surgery himself.  

Isaac pulls through and successfully completes the operation.  Chris suggests a celebratory drink and Durville is dismayed. 

He accuses Chris of placing the patient in danger for the sake of Isaac's learning.  Chris is shaken by Durville's lack of confidence.

Fearing her poisoning of Scotty will soon be detected, Penny speeds up her plans. 

Sarah suspects Scotty is being affected by a toxin.  Tracey searches Scotty's house for toxins and uncovers a photo of Scotty and his army section, including Greg Sinclair. 

Later, Penny is mortified when Brodie reveals her real name, Paula Sinclair, to Tracey. 

Tracey fails to connect the names and is oblivious when Penny pockets her cell phone. 

When Sarah suggests the poisoning could be deliberate, Tracey goes into detective mode. 

Pulling up an article about Scotty's army shooting incident, Tracey reads that the victim, Greg, was survived by his daughter, Paula Sinclair. 

Everything falls into place for Tracey and she is shocked to think that Penny is attempting to murder Scotty. 

Meanwhile, Scotty receives a text from Tracey's phone, asking him to meet her at the hospital. 

Driving in, he comes across Penny who claims to have a flat tyre. 

Scotty agrees to help and as he is struggling to remove the spare Penny attacks, whacking him across the back of the head and pushing him into the car boot. 

Penny closes the boot on his unconscious form and drives away - with Scotty her helpless prisoner.