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August 22 - 26 2011

TK Samuels and Roimata Ngatai - Shortland Street TV2

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Brooke Freeman - Shortland Street TV2

Jonathon McKenna - Shortland Street TV2

Luke Durville returns to Shortland Street TV2

Callum and Jill - Shortland Street TV2

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Monday 22nd August (4817)

Hunter confesses his Roytocin addiction and Daniel realises he must step up to help his friend.

Daniel pressures Hunter to tell Callum he's on drugs, but in the face of Callum's pride and encouragement, Hunter can't do it.

Unable to cope on his own, Daniel threatens to out Hunter, but Hunter claims to have another solution.

He lies that he's secured a place in a Dunedin rehab unit and will leave later that day, telling Callum he's on a uni placement.

He begs Daniel to keep his secret and save his reputation. Daniel agrees.

Then Hunter says goodbye to Callum, asking him not to make contact during Hunter's absence, to let him get over Jill. Callum agrees.

Relieved to have everyone where he wants them, Hunter gets a contact for a dealer in Dunedin, lying to himself that he'll ditch the drugs while he's doing his medical attachment.

Gabrielle makes an effort to stop interfering in Lana's life and gives Bella the clothes she purchased.

Despite a sour comment in the newspaper about one of Lana's designs, Bella loves the clothes.

Unfortunately, they're too small for her, so she lists them on an auction website.

When Gabrielle attempts to protect Lana from the newspaper snub, Lana admits she's already seen it and she's had lots of positive comments.

Gabrielle realises that Lana is capable of managing her own life.

When Bella makes good money selling Lana's designs, Gabrielle insists that Bella and Lana share the proceeds.

A happy Lana agrees and delights Bella by adding that she will alter one piece to fit her.  Gabrielle is satisfied that all fashion-related issues have now been resolved.

Callum is irked when Jill's taunted about being with an older man.

Jill enjoys Vinnie's company at work, and when Callum hurts his ankle, he organises Vinnie to stand in for him to play basketball with Jill.

Callum notices that Vinnie appreciates Jill's lycra outfit and feels a little jealous. Callum arrives to tell Jill about Hunter's departure, but seeing Jill and Vinnie flirting on the court, he walks away, feeling low.

In support of Callum, Jill refuses to finish the game, but seeing her eye up Vinnie's naked chest, Callum feels the need to shore up his relationship with her, and he takes on Vinnie instead.

Things get competitive and despite his ankle injury, Callum is determined to prove himself against the younger man.

Tuesday 23rd August (4818)

Jill gives Callum a tip that swings the basketball game in Callums favour.

Callum feels silly for making such a big deal of beating Vinnie and admits it was due to his fear of losing Jill, the way hes lost everyone hes ever loved.

Jill insists they make an unbeatable team and Callum finally accepts that she is with him for the long haul.

When Vasa niggles Vinnie about coming onto the bosss girl, Vinnie uses Jill to wind Vasa up. He later apologises, hoping he hasnt got her in trouble with Vasa or Callum.

Jill assures that she can Callum are stronger than that, and she isnt scared of Vasa either. Happy and secure, Jill confirms her friendship with Vinnie.

Jonathon realises Rachel is stressed due to having to prepare an important meeting with Health Network heads from Australia.

At dinner, Rachel is given a cranberry and vodka by mistake and Jonathon's not convinced she's joking when she says a stiff drink would help her stress levels.

Gabrielle makes trifle with the boys but they decide its too saturated in alcohol to be eaten.

In the morning, Jonathon realises most of the boozy trifle has gone and suspects Rachel must have eaten it, seeking alcohol.

Jonathon's convinced she's too drunk to manage her meeting. He rushes in to stop her, discreetly accusing her of being drunk.

Callum realises the video-link microphone is on and cuts the connection.

He demands to know what Rachel and Jonathon were whispering about, in full earshot of the Australians. Rachel is mortified.

Alex produces proof that Winston has been lying to make Alex look bad to Brooke.

Worried at Winstons deviousness, Brooke believes Alex may be in danger.

Brooke and Alex stage a fight for Winstons benefit, pretending that funds for Brooke's trial have been slashed by Tan Chee.

Brooke informs a devastated Winston that shell have to let him go.

Alex offers Winston a job with Tan Chee in South Korea. Winston seeks Brookes advice, feeling heart-broken at the thought of leaving her.

Brooke claims she will make sure they never lose touch and Winston agrees to consider the job offer.

Brooke and Alex hope they've done enough to get rid of Winston forever but an overjoyed Winston informs Brooke hes taken a nursing job - on the medical ward at
Shortland Street.

Brooke is left fuming that her carefully laid plans have come to nothing

Wednesday 24th  August (4819) 

Jonathon is embarrassed to realise that Rachel hasn't been drinking and that he has needlessly humiliated her in front of very important people.

Rachel is furious and won't forgive his insulting stupidity, which worries Gabrielle.

She appeals to Rachel to make peace with her brother, citing how much she has learned to value sibling relationships now that Lana is back in her life.

Rachel is touched and lets Jonathon off the hook.

Vasa admits to Nicole that she misses having a man in her life, stressing that she's not setting the bar too high.

When Luke returns from overseas confident and primed for romance, Nicole sees possibilities in spite of Wendy's scepticism.

Attempts to get Luke and Vasa talking over drinks seem to get nowhere, until Vasa and Luke discover a common interest and begin to warm to each other.

Alex suggests that Brooke convince Vasa not to hire Winston, but Vasa isn't swayed by Brooke and Winston's suspicions are aroused.

He springs her at The I.V. with Alex. Angrily confronting them, he realises he has been tricked and betrayed, and leaves blaming Alex for everything.

Things get even worse for Winston when Alex confronts him in front of other staff and humiliates him before getting in his car to head for the airport.

A livid Winston slashes Alex's front tyre, then sets off in pursuit of him.

At Sugar, Roimata reports to Brooke that Winston was driving like a madman in his haste to pursue Alex out of the grounds.

Alarmed, Brooke realises that Alex could be about to meet Nadia's fate.

Winston catches up with Alex when Alex stops to change a flat tyre.

They argue and Alex accuses Winston of setting him up to have a nasty accident like Nadia. He reveals that Brooke thinks Winston is a killer.

Distraught, Winston breaks down and explains that he never meant to hurt Nadia - her crash was a genuine accident and he only covered it up to keep the heat off Brooke.

Alex takes pity on a broken Winston, but when Brooke arrives in her car she misinterprets the scene and believes that Winston is about to kill Alex.

Brooke accelerates towards Winston, but loses control of the car and is horrified to realise she doesn't know who she has hit.

Thursday 25th August (4820)

Brooke is horrified to learn that Winston was actually helping Alex and not hurting him.

She feels awful for injuring Winston and is determined to confess to the police.

But Winston doesnt want Brooke to get into trouble and asks for Alexs help to prevent this.

Alex interrupts Brookes interview with D.I Turnbull to assert that Brooke ran over Winston accidentally.

Brooke is confused but chooses to trust Alex and asserts that it was an accident. D.I Turnbull is suspicious but Winston backs up Brookes story.

Turnbull decides not to lay charges but Brooke doesnt like being indebted to Winston.

She urges him to leave and stay out of her life from now on. Winston is left pondering the cost of his obsession.

Jasmine holds onto her grudge against Ula and refuses her help with the flag shes making for school sports day.

Jasmine struggles to make the flag and accepts Wendy's help.

But Jasmine is appalled when Wendy produces an unattractive flag which Jasmine fears will turn her into an even greater laughing stock.

She appeals to Phoenix for help and reluctantly takes his advice to approach Ula.

Ula is reluctant to help at first but when Jasmine explains Wendys involvement they bond over their mothers lack of taste.

Ula agrees to help Jasmine and they begin to forge a reconciliation.

Vasa and Luke agree to catch up later and Vasa reveals to Ula and Nicole that she has a date.

They help her get ready but Ula is appalled to realise that Vasa is pursuing romance with Luke.

Vasa defends Luke and enjoys the time she spends with him.  Luke wants to continue their conversation and invites Vasa back to his place.

Vasa believes Luke is interested in her romantically and her hopes build when Luke reveals that he has found his soulmate.

Convinced Luke is referring to her, Vasa throws caution to the wind and goes to kiss Luke but she's surprised by the arrival of a mystery woman.

Luke introduces the myserty woman as his fiancee, Zlata and Vasa is left feeling like a fool.

Friday 26th August (4821)

Embarrassed that she misread the situation, Vasa flees Luke's house while Luke warmly welcomes his fiancee Zlata to Ferndale.

Vasa's embarrassment continues the next day as Luke proudly introduces his glamorous fiancee at work.

After gossip about Zlata being a mail-order-bride, Bella is concerned that Luke's engagement might be a loveless arrangement.

Luke does a ham-fisted job of clearing the air with Vasa and she's challenged to cope with her dating failure.

When Bella takes Zlata shopping, shes disconcerted to watch Zlata easily take money from Luke - is she a gold-digger?

Bella is even more worried about Zlata's motives when she hears how stifled Zlata felt in Romania.

Despite Vasa warning Bella to keep out of Luke and Zlata's business, she's unable to shake her concerns about an arranged marriage.

At his lowest ebb, Winston declares to Murray that he's leaving town as soon as he's out of hospital.

Despite Alex's concerns about Winston's mental health, Brooke refuses to give Winston any sympathy.

Brooke is unmoved by Winston's decision to throw in his career and leave town. She's glad that he's gone.

Brooke finally relents and talks to Winston before he leaves. She is pleased that she summoned enough goodwill to make things right between them.

TK arrives home from his marae clinic and insists on checking in on Tillie before bed.

TK tries to talk to Sarah but she avoids him, anxious to conceal the return of her MS.

TK speaks to Daniel who is annoyed at having to keep Sarah's secret from TK.

The next day, TK is perturbed by Daniel's odd behaviour when he wants to visit Tillie.

His concerns grown when Wendy is also cagey with him about Sarah.

TK demands answers and, believing it's in Sarah's best interests, Wendy reveals Sarah's MS relapse.

TK is furious that Sarah has kept this from him but Roimata counsels that he take a gentle approach.

TK follows Roimata's advice and is shocked when Sarah confesses her fear that Tillie will be taken away from her. 

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